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She’s As Modest As Can Be….

up next…

We are very excited about the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival! The board has been hard at work all year, but things are getting pretty intense now! Intense in the good kinda way, you know? Like when you feel you’re getting kinda werked and are like yeaaaaah… harder.

Anyhoo! The festival runs from May 2nd to May 4th, plus there is a wicked after party on the 5th at The Cellar. For reals, I’m going to be laughing my ass off all night. Or swooning  😉  -You should come too!

after the festival…

Tuesday May 14th at Guilt & Co

 This coming month we are featuring the spectacular Lady Josephine! Burgundy Brixx, August Wiled, Nicky Ninedoors, Voracious V, and Carole Brunette round out the line up (uhhyeah they do), Ava Lure is our leggy stage manager for the evening and the night is hosted by the bombshell Mama Kay! Of course you’ll be treated to the musical stylings of The Locksmiths all night, so don’t miss out!
Doors 7 pm, show 9 pm, suggested donation is $10. Pretty good for a 13 person cast, right?
So mark it in your calendars, cuz sh*ts about to get real sparkly.


Now, where were we? Oh yes, dessert. Who says dessert can’t be good for you?
Please indulge in the photos that were taken by the talented Cameron Brown at our most recent show at Guilt. Isn’t his website just full of gorgeous, gorgeous photos? And his blog is pretty nifty, too! I get the feeling that you’ll be seeing lots more photos of his in the near future… 🙂

In Like a (purrrring) Lioness

Next Up with Pandora and The Locksmiths:

Get Away With Us! March 12th at Guilt & Co

Electroswing: Retrospective on March 22nd at The Rickshaw

 sister events

Kitty Nights at The Biltmore produced by Burgundy Brixx: every sunday!

The Hot Pants at Guilt & Co produced by Miss Fitt: Tues, March 5th

Paris a Minuit at The Rio, produced by Miss Fitt: Fri, March 29th

And check out every Tuesday at Guilt & Co for fabulous cabaret themed productions, featuring incredibly talented performers whom we love and work with as much as we can!


Well! now that we’ve scheduled your life for you… let’s get onto business!
As you can see, we’ve got some really amazing events coming up. Our next show at Guilt features a special guest who both plays an instrument and is an excellent burlesque dancer-  Miss Via Rose! I’m personally excited to see her dance whenever I get the opportunity, but I’m also extra excited because she and I are creating our first duet together! Featuring the bassoon, my voice, some classic strip-tease, and gorgeous custom costumes by my sister in law, Jessica Bayntun. 

We’re also very excited for our first ElectroSwing event as a whole group! The WHOLE SHEBANG! Wow! 

And as you can see, Miss Fitt has been gettin busy! What? She’s a hard worker! She’s got her Hot Pants show on March 5th (I’ll be swinging hoops) as well as Paris a Minuit on the 29th. You should look at that lineup. Kinda insane!

And now, what you came for…

Last month we had the wonderful Jess Desaulniers-Lea be our sponsor photographer. While we love our men behind the camera, there’s a special sort of vibe when you know that it’s a woman who’s waiting for your sultriest moment to be captured at the flick of her finger…. shall we take a look at what she got?


Get Yer Mischief!

Hitting the stage at 9 pm on February 12th at Guilt & Co…

Femme & Fatale featuring The Lady Josephine!

See you there!


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind! Winter is a really busy season for burlesque, what with religious holidays and all, and on top of it I just got back from performing in the 1st Annual Minneapolis Burlesque Festival with Sean! WHEEEE! We performed “Nude” in their beautiful Ritz Theatre (Ummm… Vancouver? You need a theatre like that) and just came back so overwhelmingly inspired. It was our first out of town festival, and getting to meet so many international talent machines was just incredible. I could gush for days.
Sandwiching the MBF, getting applications in for both the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Vegas, doing photo shoots and video shoots, plus now buckling down and creating the first duet between Burgundy Brixx and myself (excited!) for April O’Peel’s Burlesque Duos on Valentine’s at The Rio (Miss Fitt is also in that show!)…. it’s a little busy. I’m also going to be fan dancing in my good friend Mackenzie Gray’s Crazy 8’s film “Under The Bridge of Fear”, and I’m really excited about that. Burgundy Brixx is a part of that, too, plus many people connected to our glorious burlesque community here in Vancouver.

Did I mention that it’s also my birthday coming up? Yeah, let’s talk more about MEMEME! It’s my birthday on Sunday, Feb 17th, and I’ll be celebrating in the way that pleases me most- by shaking my stuff for tips at Kitty Nights! I’m one of those people who haaaaates to plan a party and would rather be working than plan a party… by dancing at Kitty Nights, I get to do both! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate, to be honest, than sweating all over a wad of caaaaashhh. Right? I’m going to be wearing Pants. Yes, you heard me. PANTS. And you can bet they will be your FAVOURITE PANTS EVER. They’re the only pair of pants that I actually own and wear. So clearly they are magical.

Enough of this yapping. You came here for photos.
This week we’re featuring Lotus Eater Films, who came out to our show in January. 
Nicky Ninedoors


Stolen by a Kiss

With Summer Groove just around the corner, we felt it was time to introduce you to another new member of our collective…
Miss Kiss!

But before we get to her interview (and gallery! Shazam!) let me tell you a little bit about our upcoming show. We have a craaaazy lineup in store for you, and this show is all about the groove. Burgundy Brixx and I will be performing, as per usual, and Miss Fitt will be lending her sweet voice for the show, but in addition to that we have fierce burlesque vocalist Miss Kiss, and Vancouver’s high energy sweet-heart from Sweet Soul Burlesque and the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, Cherry On Top! We’ve never performed with her before and we’ve been dying to for a long time! And with Cherry in the mix, you know there will be lots of  booty groovin music abounding. Have I mentioned how hard we work our musicians? One month it’s all 1940s and classic jazz, the next month we make them do funk and soul. And they switch gears like nobodies business. NBD.

Alright. Let’s get to know Miss Kiss. And let me give you a disclaimer- this little kissing bandit is much more likely to throw you down and kiss you than wait for a knight in shining armour to come deliver one. She’s fierce. Read about her. The lady is gettin naked for you, so get to know her!


What is your performance and training background? 

I, like a lot people, did drama and vocal jazz in high school. I have always been a ball of energy that liked to express myself through music, movement and appearance. I was also in a band with a bunch of boys that would play punk rock music in a sweaty basement. We went on to play such big events as my friend Shawna’s house-party-birthday-party. So then the real training came! I took singing lessons after graduating high school, as my first love is singing. I have Celine Dion and the Spice Girls to thank for this. I did some community theatre as well.

After being out of school for a year, my Mom said I better get doing something, so I thought, okay, I like to sing and express myself and dress up in costumes – how bout musical theatre? So I auditioned for the Capilano Musical Threatre Diploma Program. So that is three years of training which includes, but was not limited to: singing, acting, jazz, tap, ballet, film, music theory, and a lot of masterclasses! This does not mean I am a pro at all these things, but I have lots to draw on for performances should I need them! I learned that you can really disguise how terrible you are at tap if you learn to smile…ha! I was the rocker girl dressing up as Alice Cooper for first year ice breakers and not having a clue who Sondheim was. I quickly learned though! I have performed with many local theatre companies since graduating, including Gateway Threatre, Theatre Under the Stars and the Arts Club Theatre. 

How and when and why did you get into burlesque?
I remember being a young girl and begging my mom to buy me this blue negligee with white hearts. I was too young to have money of my own and promised I would clean the house if I could have it. She asked what I would even wear such a thing for and I said, ” I don’t know! Cleaning the house?!” I did not get it. But I have certainly made up for that with the lingerie collection I have today! I also would get to wear a very special babydoll of my Grandmother’s when ever I slept over at her house. I felt so glamourous!!! So a love glamour and extravagance started at a young age.

I also started getting into Marilyn Monroe around Grade 9. My dad bought me a Monroe lunchbox as a gift for good grades and I started watching her films and wearing red lipstick everyday – with my doc martins and bondage pants. So I have always had this mix of rock n’ roll and glamour. I also found out I make a terrible blonde and could not be Monroe.

Enter Bettie Page and the burlesque world. “Oh my gawd! So amazing! Where can I find this world?!” I asked myself as a little girl from Surrey. Well thank goodness for The Purrrfessor!!! We were in a production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” with TUTS in 2008 and he told me about Kitty Nights, that I should come out, and maybe Go-Go sometime. Thank you Jesus! Ha! Here are all these amazing women who come in all shapes, sizes and colours just kicking ass on stage being sexy and fun and strong! Love love love at first sight! So needless to say, I did Go-Go, and went on to start doing my own numbers. Burgundy Brixx really showed me how it is done and has always been someone who inspires me as a performer, teacher and friend.  

So more on the “why burlesque”: it is a medium where I feel I get to truly express myself and my vision how I choose. It gives me a chance to be my own character instead of one already created in a script. It also has helped me be more comfortable with myself. Miss Kiss does not have body issues or insecurities – she just wants to have a good time and entertain! 

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
Lots of musicians have inspired me to be a performer, like Ann Wilson of Heart. Bowie and Iggy have inspired the male in me. And I always say when I grow up, I wanna be Alice Cooper. These people are so theatrical and rock so hard! I draw inspiration from books and comics as well. I am also a film fanatic and see things for stage like a movie in my mind – and then I have to find a way to make it work! When I hear a song I really connect to, I make a music video or film sequence in my head.  And of course a huuuuuuge inspiration is all the sensational ladies from burlesque past and present. Seeing these amazing women work that stage is just so breathtaking and killer. These women are seriously superheros! Awesome superheros who get naked. They inspire me to be greater and try new things, that as a woman you don’t have to be in a box, you can be crazy and cute and fierce and coy and bloody and whatever you can dream up! As the wise Frankie says, “Don’t dream it, be it”. So we shall!
 Any big plans or productions you’re a part of in the future you’re excited about?
I have taken a break this summer from theatre, which gives me a chance to take vacations and see my friends and family! I always say I am a Jack-of-all-Trades and want to do too many things at once. I am so excited to be on stage this summer with Pandora and the Locksmiths. I feel like such a nerd! I have always been in awe of the skilled ladies of Pandora and can’t believe I have been asked to perform with them! Even though I now call some of these ladies friends, I still feel like a fan-girl that has been let backstage. Squee!


We’re really stoked to work with Miss Kiss. She has a massive voice, as you may have seen during our “Night Owl Revue” production for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, or in Blue Morris’ Beatles Burlesque. With the amount of skill she has, it’s no wonder we’re all trying to get a piece!
Enjoy the photos!

The Allure of Ava Lure

okay, take two…
(wordpress ate the entry the last time I published it, sending it into nowhere….*shakes fist**prays it doesn’t happen again…*)

Heat Wave! with Pandora and The Locksmiths is when we’re officially introducing you to our newest contributors to the collective…

You’ve seen them setting up our microphones and picking up our finery while dressed to the nines, perhaps you’ve popped some of their balloons while they’ve paraded around, classic showgirl style, and you haven’t seen them while they’ve been backstage helping us get ready and organized in between acts. Sweepers or stage kittens, ladies and gentlemen, are incredibly valuable to a show. In fact, totally invaluable. We’ve done a couple shows without sweepers (or hosts) and in addition to laughing wildly at ourselves for making such a decision later on, it’s made it really apparent how much on-the-ball energy goes into this facet of our production. A f*cking lot.

Since September 2010, we’ve been utilizing various talents in the community. First it was our good friend Voracious V, and she’s moved on to do her own performing with us every few months. Next to sweep for us was the bombshell Ruthe Ordare, one of Burgundy’s students from the School of Tease (Vancouver Burlesque Centre). We took Tease II together, actually! After Ruthe, we worked with the striking Ava Lure, a student of Melody Mangler’s at Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society. And the newest addition is the magnificent August Wiled, another of Burgundy’s students. So the next series of blog entries until I come up with some new idea (just gimme some time!) is all about them, starting with…

Ava Lure

Photo of Ava Lure by WeDo Photo

We’ve enjoyed working with this fox since last August, and as we watch her develop as a burlesque performer we just keep getting more excited! We can’t wait to have her debut with the band in the future- date to be announced…

Read the silly Q&A I made her do!

What is your performance and training background?

I grew up doing theatre in school and was in a pre-professional dance program outside of school as a teenager, and after that I got my diploma in theatre from Douglas College where I got to work with some of the most amazing people ever! I’m now going into my third year of the BFA Theatre Performance program at SFU School for Contemporary Arts. How many times can I say “Theatre” in one paragraph?

How and when and why did you get into burlesque?

In 2009 I went to my classmate’s graduation from Screaming Chicken’s Becoming Burlesque class and immediately enrolled in the next one as an “acting challenge.” I graduated in March 2010 and have been performing part-time (alongside full-time theatre school) ever since. I have always been fascinated by the idea of the “showgirl,” or “exotic dancer” in the olde-timey sense of the word, and had watched Moulin Rouge a billion times and could quote it off the top of my head. After taking Burgundy’s Elements of Tease, I fell in love with the history of burlesque. The most fantastic thing I discovered about the art is how much freedom is possible within a seemingly basic form.

Rabbit-Ava (alongside Miss Fitt and Voracious V-Dog) were captured on film during the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, by Cameron Brown.

3) Where do you draw your inspiration from?

50s and 60s music ad dresses, the early 20th century fascination with beauty, Ziegfeld and Berkley glamour, Vladimir Nabokov’s exquisite perversion, Frank Miller’s femmes fatales, and Shakespeare’s open heart.

Any big plans or productions you’re a part of in the future you’re excited about?

I’m really excited to attend the Veiwpoints Training Workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts in July!

Photo captured by Ian West during the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival with us.

Don’t you just wanna pop some balloons off of her? You do? Perfect! July 10th at Guilt and Co is the date you’re looking for.
See you there!

This Glorious Weekend

Hiiii! It’s Nicky. (shocking)

I cannot even explain how many times I’ve cried watching the amazing talent and creativity this city has to offer. Pandora and The Locksmith’s Night Owl Revue production at The Rio Theatre really kicked off the festival, and it’s just continued to soar throughout!

Since I’m writing this, you’re going to be subjected to my opinions and thoughts. Lucky!
On Thursday I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing team I am a part of. While it’s fairly common knowledge that I’m a driving fire under the powerful hindquarters of Pandora and The Locksmiths, there are so many facets to our collective that are absolutely crucial. I mean, you can’t get by on just hindquarters alone, right? Gotta have legs and brains and arms and crazy hard workers and positive attitudes, and most of all, sheer talent to work with. All of our members seriously brought it, and continue to bring it during the festival. I’m so full of joy it’s ridiculous. (FU super moon, where the f*ck did my waterproof liner go?!). I can’t wait to see tonight’s show at The Vogue with reigning queen Indigo Blue, and one of my favourite people- our very own legend- Judith Stein.

Last night I performed at The Vogue Theatre with my brother, Sean Bayntun. If you missed it, we did our Radiohead/Sally Rand/live music tribute of “Nude”. I won’t lie, when I get footage of that, I’m sending it straight to Thom Yorke. Dear Thom. Enjoy. From Nicky and Sean, with so much love. The performers last night were incredible. I could tell you which were incredible, or I could just tell you to look at the program and understand that every single person was AMAZING. No exagerration or lying whatsoever. There is, however, a special place in my heart for one of my very best friends, Voracious V. Hit me. Good god, hit me. And another special place in my heart for a friend I am lucky to have made- Jesse Belle Jones from Seattle’s Sinner Saint Burlesque troupe. I have never felt so amorous about a hobo before. ANYWAYS.

I’m going to the festival tonight. You should go, too. If you see me, come say hi and tell me what you think about the festival. I’m a huge dork and I love hearing everyone’s different favourite moments!

And now…. I shut up. And give you eye candy. (Expect to see a lot more in the next few days- this was the first batch I got my hands on. There will be lots of shots of Burgundy lighting the place on fire coming!)


Photos by Cameron Brown Photography (thank you so much!)

Jazz, Burlesque, and Voodoo Bill

First up- have you heard about Vancouver’s hottest burlesque event of the whole YEAR?
It’s time for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival!
Running May 3rd through the 6th, it is packed with glamour, innovation, incredible performers and a whooooole lot of wicked striptease!

Thursday, May 3rd, is held at East Vancouver’s Favourite Cinema, The Rio Theatre- and it’s devoted to live music and burlesque!
Pandora and The Locksmiths will be showcasing “The Night Owl Revue”- our funk and soul spectacular. Big props, big hair, big grooves, big vocal numbers (Nicky here. So many harmonies. So many singers… I AM STOKED!!!) and a huge cast- 17 people! Following P&L is the acclaimed Beatles Burlesque, and Bender in Bermuda!

Friday, May 4th, is held at The Vogue (shazam!) Theatre on Granville Street. An absolutely fabulous lineup- including the incredibly naughty Voracious V, as well as a Radiohead/Sally Rand inspired duo by yours truly and Sean Brother Keys Bayntun! Hosted by one of our favourite people, the faaaaaahbulous Crystal Precious! FIERCE!

Saturday, May 5th, is also held at The Vogue (take that, mainstream entertainment!) Theatre on Granville Street. Also an absolutely insanely talented lineup- including our friends from The Cabaret Du Passe, and of course the inimitable Burgundy Brixx! We cannot WAIT to see her act on the big stage OH MY GOD. Did we mention that Saturday is hosted by The Purrfessor?!

Get your tickets. This is THE burlesque event to be at in Vancouver. There are amazing acts, amazing vendors, amazing amazing amazingness… !!!! See you at the festival! Or, you’ll be seeing us. A lot of us. WINK!

Here’s a teaser video….

Okay! To all those who came to our show at Guilt & Co last week, thank you so much! Your continued support tickles us in all the right place. We hope you know it! Our next show falls right after the burlesque fest on May 8th!

We had a guest photographer in the house capturing the finer moments of the evening, and, accordingly, the rest of this post is devoted to his eye popping eye candy. Big thanks to Voodoo Bill for bringing his talents out! He is a fabulous photographer and a gem to work with!

And so it begins..