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The Heat of the Night

Summer is here! And it’s glorious! We’ll be celebrating by disrobing… tell all your friends 😉

July poster Pandora

As warm breezes sweep through the city, 
And the sweltering sun starts to set, 
We’d like to invite you to join us inside, 
Where we’ll tease ’til you work up a sweat.
Pandora and The Locksmiths are happy to present you with with a sizzling show that’s sure to raise your temperature!
We are also incredibly pleased to have the stunningly sultry NICKY NINEDOORS singing steamy tunes, and keeping our ladies in line.
Not only will we satisfy your eyes, but you’re ears will be delighted with smoking hot music by the fabulous five piece jazz band THE LOCKSMITHS! If you thought it couldn’t possibly get better, the always scorching MAMA KAY will guide you through the evening and keep the mercury rising.
The show starts with the band at 9pm while Nicky NineDoors gets all her prize filled balloons popped; a rare treat indeed! We highly recommend arriving early so you may enjoy the amazing cocktails and tapas at Guilt & Co.
Admission is a suggested $10 donation*
*Here at the Risque Cabaret, all donations go directly to funding the performers you see on the stage! Thank you so much for your continued support in making Tuesday night the hottest night in town!

Whew! That show is sure to be a hot one. Don’t worry, Guilt & Co has air conditioning, so all that heat is going to be strictly internal, and our fault. Oopsies.

Before we get to some jaw dropping photos, we have a couple other things we would love to promote, because they are awesome.

Avenue Q!

Go see the incredible hit production that is getting rave reviews across the city! It’s innapropriate, it’s definitely not PC, and it’s fabulous! We were going to link to all the reviews to prove how awesome it is, but there are SO many. We’re not just saying that. Google is your friend. Avenue Q was over 80% sold out of the ENTIRE RUN until August 3rd, and then they extended it until August 17th due to demand. It’s amazing. It’s totally side splitting. Do yourself a favour and go.
Also, our own Brother Keys aka Sean Bayntun is the music director! And Mr Ninedoors is playing bass in the band with Sean!
Find out more and get tickets here!


The Burlesque Assassins!

BA VOD Banner Post June 29th
Reasons why we love this film:

1) “Rather than a film about burlesque, it is a burlesque film”- This is Cabaret
The BA features hugely inspirational performers such as Roxi D’Lite  as the leading lady, plus our good friend Amber Ray as one of the dancers in the club! (There are so many inspiring performers in this film it’s kinda hard to list them all.) It’s a salacious romp of espionage in the land of absurdity. Love. which leads us to our next reason we love it…
2) Hello, cult hit!!
3) It’s Canadian made!
4) And bonus, they launched the film in Vancouver because they love Vancouver. Awesome. Nice work, guys!
If you’d like to buy this movie or rent it, please click here! They are doing an affiliate program with lots of burlesque community members, so a portion of the sales go back to to the community! We think that’s super awesome.
Know what else is awesome? If they do well selling this film, they plan to make another movie!! AWESOME!
Follow this link! Watch the preview! Purchase the movie! Support the little guys- they do big things!

Okay. Now that you’re done with our opinions, you may have some eye candy. Please enjoy a single serving of each of our performers featured in our upcoming show at Guilt & Co!


Sugarplums and Showgirlbums

Happy Monday!

On December 11th we hope to see you at Guilt & Co for

Winter Magic! featuring the incredible Travis Bernhardt!

Last year we featured Travis in our show to rave reviews. He’s always such a treat to watch, let alone work with. We just couldn’t resist his charms. Har har! But seriously…. ladies in our audience…. we know you come to watch fierce women and be entertained and titillated and inspired… but this month you’ve got some eye and brain candy represented by this man. Who in the heck gets to be tall-dark-and-handsome-and-smart-and-f*cking-magical? Travis Bernhardt. That’s who. So, you’re welcome 😉
We’re also welcoming back to the stage one of our rare treat ladies- a founding member of P&L, Carole Brunette! Joining her are the likes of Burgundy Brixx, Miss Fitt, and myself. The long and leggy Ava Lure is our stage manager this month, and Mama Kay our MC. Doors 7 pm, show 9 pm. Suggested donation $10- which goes directly to paying the cast of 12 people on stage!

A big snuggly thank you to all who came to Cafe de Paris at Guilt & Co last month- wow was that place ever packed! It’s usually pretty cozy before, but on top of our regular crowd, there were faces we’d never seen before in the audience, and l’amour was in the air! Pretty sure the incredible Amber Ray and Lady Josephine had something to do that that, don’t you think? We were so thrilled to get to work with them- international guests are a little hard to come by in Vancouver, so we absolutely jumped at the chance to collaborate. Did they ever exceed every expectation, and you know we have high expectations! Speaking of expectations, we apologize for starting the show later than usual, we had some unexpected sound setup issues that pushed us a little late. We’ll be on time next time, promise!

Just a friendly reminder that we don’t allow any form of videotaping or photography during our show, unless you’re a designated photographer (if you’re a professional photographer and are interested in shooting, please contact us at this includes cameras as well as iPhones and all those fancy little devices. We know it’s oh-so-tempting to try to snag a picture of that amaaazing moment that is playing out on stage, but then you have to take your eyes away from the stage and look through a screen. And that is not nearly as awesome as absorbing and indulging in the performance real time. And that is what we live for- indulging you in real time, completely live. We spend so much time in front of computer screens for work and un fun purposes, it really tickles us to be able to connect with our audiences one hundred percent! Furthermore… if you are caught breaking the rules (naughty!) then you’ll have to deal with me. And I’m a very nice person, but my will is even firmer than my backside. I realize that’s hard to believe, but just ask around.

On the bright side! This little issue inspired something that I think is VERY cool. We’re going to have a polaroid camera (can those things be called retro yet? Or are they just outdated? whatevs) so that you can purchase autographed photos of you and your friends with our performers and musicians! I love sassy keepsakes. I was inspired by the gorgeous Voodoo Pixie at our wedding reception- she snapped a picture of John and I and it’s just so charming. What’s more, is it was signed by a number of the guests at our party. I love it so much, and after watching so many people struggle to get pictures with their camera phones (It’s out of focus! That one didn’t take! I blinked! Why is my camera frozen!) I thought it would be so nice if people could just sit back, relax, and have their photo taken and have a little autographed treasure handed to them to take home right away.

Wow, I’ve talked for two paragraphs about photos. They say a good act runs with three’s… so, here you go.

A photo blog! Featuring the stunning artistry of Voodoo Bill!

Just what you’re been waiting for! Unless you were clever and skipped over my blathering. In which case, good on you. You made it through 723 words.

The Fever Pitch

It’s been hot and glorious, and while our last Heat Wave production was sizzling (we’ve got the photos to prove it!), our next production is going to be nothing short of gloriously scandalous- we’re bringing the fire for…

Summer Groove!

Now, onto our traditional week starter of saucey photos captured at our most recent show at Guilt & Co by the talented Cameron Brown!

A Scorchingly Scandalous Night

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Heat Wave production at Guilt & Co! It was a delightful evening. And many thanks to all those who made that show happen.

Our next show is August 14th, and we’ll be featuring special guests Cherry On Top and Miss Kiss! Save the date! It’s going to be a very groovy show.

Alright, onto the saucey photo blog! Here are some photos to tide you over until our next blog entry. We’re been collaborating with Cameron Brown lately and we’re pretty much just thrilled about it. You know all those photos he’s done. They’re the ones you keep clicking on and looking at. Yes… I see your every move when you’re on here… (On a related note, who keeps searching for nude photos of a certain non burlesque dancer we know? You search for that a lot! I recommend going to Wreck Beach instead. More effective.)

Anyhoo. Onto the awesome Act I photos of Ruthe Ordare, Villainy Loveless, and yours truly…

WeDo Photo- Highlights of the VIBF

We’ve been very fortunate this festival to have amazing photographers left right and centre!
Today, dearest viewers, you get to see some of the best photos that WeDo Photo took of Pandora and The Locksmiths during the first two nights of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.
Note- not all our members are featured in these photos. We had fantastic performances by Burgundy Brixx, stage help by Ava Lure, Ruthe Ordare, and Callio P. Cock, a rainbow fest by Miss Fitt, that foxy Carole Brunette, Rebel Valentine and Miss Kiss helping out on vocals… but hey! These were the photos I got, and they are damn good!


In case you didn’t notice, our blog is going through a slow transformation into the land of less black and red, and more colour. Also, you can expect to see a whole lot more of our members featured on the main page in the next couple weeks. We’re also going to start featuring our most trusted designer, Messica Demolition, in “costume creation” themed blogs. And we’re going to feature our musical machine. Sean “Brother Keys” Bayntun, in a blog showcasing how he breaks down each track and charts it out like the crazy talented motherf*cker that he is. As a live music and burlesque collective we have a large team of people to keep the fabulous standards high! We feature professional singers, professional dancers, burlesque artists, and, of course, five (or more) absolutely stellar professional musicians- not to mention relying on a few very talented designers to make our custom costume dreams come true. At our shows you can always expect to hear smokin music and see variety in with top-notch tease artists. That’s just how we like it. No element is more important than the other. It’s all about quality entertainment, baby!

Our next show is on June 11th (we’re on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Guilt & Co) and our lineup is Burgundy Brixx, yours truly, Miss Fitt, Voracious V, and the newest Pandora and The Locksmiths member will be keepin us all (and our costumes) in line, August Wiled! Doors 7 pm, show 9 pm. Admission by suggested $10 donation. (In addition to bringing you the best quality, we like to be accessible, so you can still have a wonderful scotch to accompany the show without breaking your wallet!)

Here’s hoping these photos will tide you over until we get our next batch of glory in from one of the talented photographers that we’re so lucky to encounter in our performances!
Nicky Ninedoors – and the whole Pandora and The Locksmiths gang!

A Little Backstory…

Ahhh, more photos of myself and Voracious V from William Stewart.

Here’s a little backstory about how Voracious V and I came to be friends.

Back when I was working as a waitress, there was a girl I worked with whom I would occasionally go out and party with. I was kind of over the club scene at that point (I no longer really drank and that killed it for me) but every once in a while I definitely needed to dance. One night we were out at The Lamplighter and she introduced me to V, saying “She is going to do a burlesque course!”. I was really surprised, because I thought I was definitely the only person to have such a cool idea. No, not really, but to be honest I hadn’t come across anyone else who was like “I AM GOING TO STRIPPER SCHOOL! YAY!” and I was incredibly intrigued. Who was this little lady, with her super curvy body and her quirky mannerisms? WHO WAS SHE?
As I was going to do the same thing, I said “Me too!”. We proceeded to discover that we were signed up for the same session with Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society! WHOA.

There’s more to this story, obviously. But, just in case you didn’t know, I’m a professional tease. You’ll get more. When I say you’ll get more. Now, for some photos.

Juxtaposition- Nicky Ninedoors and Voracious V

I’m a big fan of contrast. So imagine my delight when I discovered I could get my hands on photos of myself and Voracious V taken by William Stewart for The Straight from The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Ummmmm, I’m not sure if you were there to witness the two acts we did, but we were VERY different. Both ended up pretty damn naked though (in custom made underthings by Messica Demolition, obviously, and our own hand made “naked” crystal pasties- very naughty!)

So, in the next few blog posts I’m going to be posting photos of both myself and my lovely purple friend Voracious V. Enjoy!

Full of Love. And Fairly Nude.

First of all….
I just would like to remind you of the incredible show we’ve got prepared for you on Wednesday at Electric Owl Social Club! Funk’n’grind, people! We’ve got blues, funk, soul, and burlesque- and you know how we roll, it’s allllll live music. We’ve even got a special guest this month-
The Marilyn Monroe of East Vancouver, Villainy Loveless!

Photo by David Denofreo

And now….

Today I thought I’d share two of my favourite photos from Shimona Henry.
Theme- extravagance, nudity, and backbends.

(PS- I was actually horizontal in this one, it’s been rotated. Just in case you’re wondering how I’m standing on a wall….!)

Photo by Shimona Henry, Feather fans custom made by Catherine D'Lish

And my personal favourite…

Nicky Ninedoors on John's upright bass

Mondays aren’t so bad after all.