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4 Years of Scintillating Burlesque!

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Another year has come and gone and Pandora & The Locksmiths is about to turn FOUR! Join us in Gastown for another dazzling evening of the live music and scintillating burlesque we’ve become known for.

This month’s show will feature almost every member of Pandora & The Locksmiths in one capacity or another. Be it belting out a tune, hitting the stage with a burlesque number, hosting, acting as stage mistress, or doing absolutely everything (!) this group is ready to take your breath away!

They are:


Live music, as ever, by:


Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm, with a suggested donation of $10 and all money going toward the artists. We thank you for four years of keeping Gastown absolutely sizzling on a Tuesday!



Ariel-Gloss Boudoir

Credit: Glass Boudoir Photography

Ariel Helvetica has been stamping her unique font all over the Vancouver Burlesque scene since her 2010 debut. A born and raised dancer, Ariel spent 5 years abroad, wowing audiences in France as a professional Can-Can/Showgirl, and then  criss-crossing the globe and criss-crossing her long legs as a professional high-kicker on cruise ships, visiting 45 countries along the way.

 Growing up and training to be a “serious” dancer, Ms. Helvetica’s natural talent and drive took her far into the realm of traditional dance and ballet. But her love of performing, musicals, show tunes and, above all else, dancing to the beat of her own drum, hinted she would eventually leave those constricting toe shoes behind for bigger – and higher –  kicks. Sure enough, Ariel’s raw sense of creativity and passion soon pulled her towards the hot red lights of burlesque, where she finally gave in to temptation, biting the apple and beginning her training at Burgundy Brixx’s School of Tease. You can also find this kinky kicker working her magic at Blue Morris’s Rock and Roll Burlesque, Tarantino Burlesque and the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.  Ariel is a  teacher at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre.

We cant wait to welcome her to the P&L family this evening!


She made her burlesque debut one year ago on our anniversary stage, and although she is not performing tonight, we’d like to welcome:



 Laura June is a dance performer and variety act with Pandora and the Locksmiths, as well as a founding member and co-director of Luciterra Dance Company. She has been studying dance for over 20 years, and has been performing across North America and around the world since 2008. A lover of nuance, the hyper-real, mystery, elegance, vintage dust, and praxis, Laura holds multiple certifications with the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as with her dance teachers Suhaila Salimpour, Jamila Salimpour, Colleena Shakti, and Rachel Brice. She is an ongoing and committed student at the Salimpour School of Dance in San Francisco, California, and at the Shakti School of Dance (classical Odissi) in Rajasthan, India. In addition to her technical artistic studies, Laura holds a degree in Humanities from Simon Fraser University, where she studied Art History. She is particularly fascinated with the intersection of art and social change, and the role of the artist in society. Currently, Laura studies, performs, and teaches dance full time, both locally and internationally. When home, Laura co-teaches 7 dance classes a week in East Vancouver.

More Pretty Pictures

The performers are gearing up for this evening’s performance, are you ready? Take a look at last month’s show, as captured by Bob Ayers, and get totally psyched!

Night Heat

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pandora july


Pandora & The Locksmiths at Guilt&Co with RAVEN VIRGINIA

Coming all the way from Calgary, Alberta, this month’s special guest is none other than RAVEN VIRGINIA. Raven is a member of the Garter Girls and has graced stages across North America, including the Burlesque Hall of Fame and our very own Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Join us in sizzling Gastown on July 8th for a show that shouldn’t be missed!

The ladies of Pandora will be serving you two numbers each this evening.

On stage you will see:




With vocals from our stage mistress:


Our fabulous host:


And live music in an array of styles from:


Doors are at 8:00pm with the show starting at 9:00pm. Suggested $10 donation at the door, with all proceeds going to the artists.

Bring your hand fans and wear something flowy- this is sure to be a hot one!

June at Guilt&Co

Our June show kicked off the summer in style! Relive the glamour with sultry photos from Bob Ayers.


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Birds of a Feather with Pandora & The Locksmiths

Are you ready for a creature feature? We’re ecstatic to be back at our home base- guilt&co! Our spirits are high and we’re tapping in to our animal instincts to bring you our favourite creature-themed routines. This month, we present to you a special guest- spring chicken FAYE HAVOC! You’ve seen her costumes on the bodies of Vancouver’s top burlesque performers and now it’s time for Faye to strut her stuff on stage. So creep, crawl, shimmy, shake your way to Gastown on April 8!

Birds of a Feather will also feature:





Stage Mistress:


And song stylings of:


Doors at 7
Show at 9
*Suggested donation of $10 at the door, all going towards the performers*

Welcoming April

This month is high energy for the ladies of Pandora, let’s check in!

Nicky Ninedoors -a staple of powerhouse producer April O’Peel‘s mainstage shows- will be facing the wheel of destiny in Burlesque Improv at the Rio Theatre on April 5. You don’t want to miss this one, a rubber chicken is involved! Later this month, she will be taking up a week-long residency at Vancouver’s infamous Penthouse Nightclub. The Penthouse has seen everything from jazz greats to Mafia dons and is now one of the city’s top exotic entertainment venues. See Nicky become part of the legend the week of April 14.

Ruthe Ordare is our globe-trotting darling this month! She will be touring with three different productions through BC and Amurica! From April 4-6, she will be heading up to Quensel with her partner in crime Villainy Loveless to teach and to perform at the Caribooby Cabaret. Then, from April 9-12 she will be heading down south to Austin to compete in the Texas Burlesque Festival! Woot woot! Finally, from April 18-20 she will be touring Kamloops and Prince George as part of the Dirty Dancing Burlesque cast. Catch her if you can, far-away friends!

Ava Lure is pleased to be joining an all-star cast of the second instalment of Night Circus. Every weekend in April, let her take you on a Space Cruise! This production, at Vancouver FanClub, features Blue Morris’ Rock & Roll Burlesque band, mind-bending circus artists, Cruise Director David C. Jones, and some of the city’s best and brightest burlesquers. Join the cast for their first two weekends for $5 off when entering promo code AvaLure when you purchase tickets online in advance! OH did I mention the show is set to 80s music? Cause it’s space!

It is with great honour and the awesomest sauce that we announce Voracious V‘s acceptance to the “Best Début” category of this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. The weekender -which runs June 1-5- celebrates the international burlesque scene’s most outstanding stars with four evenings of unstoppable showcases. We can’t wait to cheer on our favourite purple Space Goddess in Las Vegas this summer!

Also, a HUGE congratulations to the wonderful Vancouverites accepted to perform in the Queen category: Melody Mangler, April O’Peel, Burgundy Brixx, and Lola Frost!

Voyages & Adventures

Well, it looks like our wishful thinking worked! Voyages & Adventures- last month’s vacation-themed show- brought in a spectacular Spring! Let the sun shine in with these photos from Bob Ayers.

Come on Home, Girl!

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Voyages and Adventures



with Pandora & The Locksmiths

Awakenings is a dream and nightmare-themed extravaganza that will feature a rotating cast of Pandora striptease artists and vocalists.

Join us at Vancouver FanClub on Granville Street for an evening of glitz and glamour! Opening March 7, the premier evening will also include a photo exhibition from Ninedoors Photography. Awakenings will run every Friday of the month of March.

Ready to escape the snow and rain? Voyages and Adventures with Pandora & The Locksmiths will create the feel of a far-off vacation! Head down to guilt&co on Tuesday, March 11 to heat things up.



Hosted by:


With stage mistresses:


And song stylings of:


Doors at 7
Show at 9
*Suggested donation of $10 at the door, all going towards the performers*

Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul was a shimmy-shaking, sing-your-heart-out celebration of RAD. Special surprise guest Jo Weldon rocked the house with an impromptu bump and grind, tassel/assel-twirling lesson. The audience was thrilled!  Take a break from your day and get lost in these gorgeous images from Reckless Photography.

Oui, oui, oui!

up next…
Paris a Minuit!

On March 29 at The Rio Theater, join some of Vancouver’s finest burlesque performers with special guests for an evening of burlesque, dance, comedy, and circus with a French flare! Produced by Miss Fitt, the evening features the diverse burlesque talents of Melody Mangler, April O’Peel, Nicky Ninedoors, Voracious V, Ruthe Ordare, Connie Cahoots, Voodoo Pixie, and August Wiled, joined by superstar variety acts, including Luciterra, The Hot Pants, Ally ‘Oop, The Funky Yukinator, and accordionist Kathryn Peterson. Get dressed up in your most chic outfits, because there’s a Parisian Photo Booth at the event, too! Tickets in advance $15, door $20. Get advance tickets at Scout Boutique or through the title link.

60s Groove at Guilt & Company

on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, we put on a live music and burlesque extravaganza! This month, we’re groovin to the tune of the 60s. Featuring performances by Miss Fitt, Ruthe Ordare, Burgundy Brixx, Nicky Ninedoors, with help from August Wiled, and scintillating music by The Locksmiths.
Suggested donation $10. Show 9 pm. 1 Alexander St in Gastown.

Special announcements…

We’re very excited to announce that our very own Ruthe Ordare, Nicky Ninedoors, and Burgundy Brixx have been accepted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas! Ruthe Ordare is competing in the Best Duo category with Villainy Loveless (You’ve seen her perform with us before, she’s rad, obvs), Nicky Ninedoors is performing with Brother Keys in the Movers, Shakers, and Innovators Showcase, and Burgundy Brixx is competing for the Queen of Burlesque Title! WOW! We are incredibly honoured. We were all planning on going anyways because BHoF is such an amazing pile of glittery inspiration and love, and now we get to be right up in that pile! Special shout out to Sweet Soul Burlesque who will also be performing in the Movers, Shakers, and Innovators Showcase, Melody Mangler and Lola Frost who are in the Duos competition, and Lola Frost who is also in the Queen competition! Go Vancouver!

And now… onto photos from our Get Away! production at Guilt & Co.
Photography for the evening by Rene Blais

Let’s Get Cozy

This morning there was a soft but present coolness in the air, and it’s as if suddenly it became Fall.
Now, I love summer. Absolutely adore it. I really do enjoy wearing next to nothing. But…. I can’t wear my totally cozy wool sweater in the summer. And my furs are definitely on holiday from June-August. And let’s face it- who the heck gets real close and cozy in the midnight hour for any length of time when it’s stifling hot and you don’t have air conditioning? Fall is a beautiful thing, my friends. Fall is the time to get cozy. It’s the time to snuggle up with good food, good drinks, and good people.

It’s time to

Fall in love again!

featuring special guest Via Rose, our long and leggy lady August Wiled, the firey innovation of Burgundy Brixx, the delectable charm of Voracious V, and yours truly, hosted by The Purrrfessor, all to glorious accompaniment by The Locksmiths!

Now, that show is just a little over a week away, and if you’re absolutely dying for a Tuesday to just come up and pounce on you, you should check out The Hot Pants at Guilt and Co tomorrow night. Seriously one of the most entertaining things you’ll ever see. A whole choreographed troupe of retro babes dancing to 1960s vinyl, produced by Vancouver’s resident go-go queen, Miss Fitt! Ohhhh yeah. It’s a seriously slick production, and I don’t throw that word around for fun!

Alright, onto the beautiful photos taken by Cameron Brown at our most recent show!



Beautiful, Beautiful Autumn

Why hello!

This entry will be short and oh so sweet. My apartment is having its windows powerwashed, and I’m not allowed to have any open windows at all…. did I mention that my apartment is south facing? I rarely wear clothes in here as it is, but no open windows?! So I’m here to deliver you the saucey evidence of our Anniversary show on September 11th at Guilt, while simultaneously enticing you to

Fall In Love Again!

Our next show on October 9th at Guilt & Co is shaping up to be a real cozy affair!
Not only do we have the usual instigators Burgundy Brixx, Voracious V, and yours truly, but we also have the hottest new burlesque sensation in Vancouver, August Wiled!
But wait, there’s more!
We have a special guest with us this month that we’ve been trying to coordinate with since we began two years ago: the stunning

Via Rose!

photo credit to Chris Mitchell

This gorgeously auburn performer is not only a wonderful burlesque artist, but she also plays the bassoon and the contrabassoon, often with the VSO. She’s just dripping with class and it’s a joy that our schedules have finally coordinated!
See you at our next show!

Now, for the eye candy…
I have a bit of a confession to make. Our lighting wasn’t exactly excellent for photo purposes last time and so this photo blog will be smaller. It just goes to show you that if you really want to be a part of our shows and experience the full meal deal of singers, dancers, burlesque, and live music… you gotta be there 😉
I love how I manage to turn the issue of me not double checking the lighting into a “you need to come to our shows”. Ha!

Photos are by our resident live photo sponsor, Cameron Brown


The Summer of Love

Well, it’s certainly been a while since the last blog entry, but we’re back at it now, feeling refreshed and inspired and ready to dazzle- just in time for our

2nd Anniversary Spectacular!

We’ve gone through a few little growth spurts and changes over the past few months: the addition of Ruthe Ordare, August Wiled, Miss Kiss, and Ava Lure officially into our collective fold (naughty!), bidding farewell to our incredible drummer Trevor Grant, who is going to be living in Charlottetown with his amazing lady Samantha (so sad, but so happy!) and we’re currently wishing our keyboardist, my big brother Sean Bayntun, loads of luck and success as his project Facts participate in The Peak Performance Project this year, right before embarking on a cross country tour!

With all these shifts and positive changes happening, we’ve been getting together to figure out how to operate even better as a collective, and how to make even more solid productions. Ruthe Ordare is now our official Social Media Showgirl, handling our Twitter and Instagram accounts, Burgundy Brixx is our official poster designer for our events, I handle photo wrangling and blog action, and we all fill in the cracks when it comes to admin and all the non-showgirl tasks that are involved in being showgirls. Like printing set lists. Or sending reminder emails. You know, super sexy things like that. In addition to fun task assignment, yay, we’re also working on developing productions! In November, Miss Fitt puts on the artistic director panties for our show at Guilt & Co, and she has not one, but two incredible headliners lined up for the occasion. I’ll leave the reveal to her, so you’ll just have to wait.

Now, you know I didn’t just come on here to write about “Oooo, we’re made of rainbows and love eachother and positive growth and sustainability and stuff”. You know I came on here to share some eye candy with you. Ohhhh yeah. In the midst of all the love and positivity and crap, John Bews and I got married! And since I didn’t organize photos from our last show, I’m going to tide you over with photos from our wedding ceremony. Just so you know, my parents haven’t even seen these yet. They’re having to read this blog in order to see the photos. I’m going to hear about this. The sacrifices I make for our readers is astounding. 🙂 FEEL SPECIAL.

All these photos were taken by Maria Koehn of Frozen Reflections Photography. She is a dream to work with! My gown and John’s suit were designed and made by Messica Demolition (with the lace appliques on the skirt cut out and sewn on by my mother and my aunt). Messica’s dress is a 20s flapper dress with beautiful daisy lace print, and she added a new silk slip underneath and a silk sash for shape. Catherine’s sequinned gown was originally this incredible find of an old lady’s dress, but with some simple modifications became an absolute stunner! The green gown on Voracious V is one of my costumes made by Messica, AND Messica also made my mother’s gown! She’s a machine! Highly, highly recommend…!


Jazz, Burlesque, and Voodoo Bill

First up- have you heard about Vancouver’s hottest burlesque event of the whole YEAR?
It’s time for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival!
Running May 3rd through the 6th, it is packed with glamour, innovation, incredible performers and a whooooole lot of wicked striptease!

Thursday, May 3rd, is held at East Vancouver’s Favourite Cinema, The Rio Theatre- and it’s devoted to live music and burlesque!
Pandora and The Locksmiths will be showcasing “The Night Owl Revue”- our funk and soul spectacular. Big props, big hair, big grooves, big vocal numbers (Nicky here. So many harmonies. So many singers… I AM STOKED!!!) and a huge cast- 17 people! Following P&L is the acclaimed Beatles Burlesque, and Bender in Bermuda!

Friday, May 4th, is held at The Vogue (shazam!) Theatre on Granville Street. An absolutely fabulous lineup- including the incredibly naughty Voracious V, as well as a Radiohead/Sally Rand inspired duo by yours truly and Sean Brother Keys Bayntun! Hosted by one of our favourite people, the faaaaaahbulous Crystal Precious! FIERCE!

Saturday, May 5th, is also held at The Vogue (take that, mainstream entertainment!) Theatre on Granville Street. Also an absolutely insanely talented lineup- including our friends from The Cabaret Du Passe, and of course the inimitable Burgundy Brixx! We cannot WAIT to see her act on the big stage OH MY GOD. Did we mention that Saturday is hosted by The Purrfessor?!

Get your tickets. This is THE burlesque event to be at in Vancouver. There are amazing acts, amazing vendors, amazing amazing amazingness… !!!! See you at the festival! Or, you’ll be seeing us. A lot of us. WINK!

Here’s a teaser video….

Okay! To all those who came to our show at Guilt & Co last week, thank you so much! Your continued support tickles us in all the right place. We hope you know it! Our next show falls right after the burlesque fest on May 8th!

We had a guest photographer in the house capturing the finer moments of the evening, and, accordingly, the rest of this post is devoted to his eye popping eye candy. Big thanks to Voodoo Bill for bringing his talents out! He is a fabulous photographer and a gem to work with!

And so it begins..

March’s Photo Blog!

Spring has sprung! And so will some other things after you view this post, if ya know what I’m saaaayyyin…. yeah. Insert obvious wink here. WINK. God I’m so sophisticated.

Next show- THE NIGHT OWL REVUE on March 28th! Featuring the scintillating striptease of BURGUNDY BRIXX, MISS FITT, NICKY NINEDOORS (me!) and our spectacular guest for the evening, LYDIA DECARLLO! Check her out. What a babe. Doesn’t she just make your jaw drop? We performed with her on New Year’s, and she is just an absolute gem- the perfect balance of classy dame and sex kitten.
Here’s a video of her slaughtering it at The New Orleans Burlesque Festival.

Lydia DeCarllo, captured by the fabulous Kaylin Idora Photography

Alright, onto the important business that is a photo blog devoted to moments from our last show at Guilt! All photos are by Baron S. Cameron.

Voracious V!

Guilt & Co

Little Miss Risk ponders the list of concoctions...

Musicians gettin ready...

One way or another, Delilah always shows stockings who the boss really is!

Delilah Dare gives us all pain in our heart- from watching such a ferocious chair dance!

Delilah Dare makes lounging on a cabaret chair look incredibly luxurious and comfortable, doesn't she? Try it yourself and see how comfy it is... 😉

The fiery triple threat talent, Burgundy Brixx!

"Though it's funny, now and then, how my thoughts go flashing back again to my old flame..."

Silks, satins, and so much sassing- Nicky Ninedoors

Bump'n'Grind time with Nicky!

One of Nicky's most refined assets

Who's that foxy lady? It's Carole Brunette!

Oh yes. That is a tail. This is going where you think it's going!

You've seen tassel twirling, you've maybe even seen assel twirling... and now you've seen straight up tail twirling, courtesy of our vixen Carole Brunette!

Whoo! Into intermission….

Note taking and drink downing.

Miss Fitt is in the audience for a change... and clearly loving it!

A lady needs her rest!

Back into it…

Look! A beautiful distraction! It's Voracious V!

Nicky Ninedoors knows a thing or two about a thing or two..

And one of the lessons Nicky has learned is that owning a one-speed bicycle from 1946 (courtesy of her Nana, bless her!) does, indeed, give you some seriously amazing hindquarters. Nana wasn't kidding!

Teach me tonight!

Does Delilah Dare dare?

Delilah Dare does, indeed, dare.

Hey, sometimes you just GOTTA have a bath!

"I'm woman. I'm a ball of fire. I'm a woman. I could make love to a crocodile!"
Best song lyric ever. At least we think so.

Sometimes a woman just needs a little sugar to cheer her up

Carole Brunette is made of all things sweet.

We're not sure how much of that sugar landed in that bowl.... 😉 the important thing is that there was lots of sugar, and a bowl, and Carole Brunette pouring it on herself after an absolutely stunning performance.


"Burlesque heaven is where outrageous prom dresses hope to go when they die." Outrageous prom dress= FABULOUS burlesque dress. Way to go, Burgundy, on this stunning costume!

How many people can wear orange and turquoise together like that? Yeah, that's what I thought! Burgundy Brixx showin us all how it's done!

Oh those legs. Burgundy is two parts leg, one part vintage showgirl, and alllll talent.

Nothing like the random shot where everyone is doing something different to truly capture the night! Thank you all for coming to our show! We love you!