Scintillating live music and burlesque!

Heat Wave!

If you’re looking to cool down, you’ve come to the wrong place!


We’ve been heating up the summer with some amazing solo appearances and won’t be slowing down any time soon. We know you miss us so let’s catch up!

Ruthe Ordare recently performed Opium (the number that won her “Best Solo” at the 2014 Texas Burleque Festival) at the Oregon Burlesque Festival! She will be going to Toronto to teach on August 30 and 31 so east-coasters, jump on that opportunity! Don’t worry local lovelies, she will also be starting a new progressive at the VBC in September.

ruthe opium

Alison Gorman and Miss Kiss TORE IT UP at Queer as Funk’s huge pride concert earlier in the month. Take a look at the UH-MAZING full photo set from fubarfoto here.

alison qaf

Nicky Ninedoors will be performing at Mondo Exotica this Friday. She’ll also be shakin’ it at GoGo Bungalow this Sunday! Also, Nicky is feeling sassy – she’ll be finishing off August with two weeks of stripping in Kamloops and Kelowna. You know you want to watch her for 20 minutes straight! Lastly, Ninedoors Photography canvas prints are for sale! Email to purchase.


Ariel Helvetica is festival bound! She will be hitting up the Edmonton Burlesque Festival AND competing for Queen at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival in September. Before then, you can check her out at Sweet Sip this Thursday at the Keefer Bar. She also has shirts!! You can order her hilarious “Tits & Teeth” shirts by emailing

Ariel & Voracious V will also be embarking on an epic Euro trip this fall! Starting at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival, the pair has gigs in Rome, Munich, Edinburgh, and Berlin. Bon voyage!

two ladies

Ava Lure, the administrative powerhouse, will be working behind the scenes this fall at both the Vancouver International Film Festival and at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. She also wore a really cool glitter suit at Mondo Exotica last month.

glitter suit

Miss Fitt has been enjoying her summer doing full shows as a lead vocalist for the first time! She has also been ripping it up at lots of music festivals.

miss fitt at the mic

August Wiled has been keeping it cool, spending her namesake month in southern California. Who doesn’t love a good vacation?

august vacay

Make sure to catch one of us in action! We loove seeing you.


To celebrate the summer solstice, Pandora & The Locksmiths remounted “Awakenings” at the Rio Theatre featuring Peekaboo Pointe and Black Dog String Quartet. Take a look at our favourite pictures from fubarfoto.

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