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Daydreams and Night-terrors

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Step Into Our Dream World

Announcement time! You may have guessed at this but now it’s time to spill the beans. Every Friday for the month of March, Pandora & The Locksmiths will be presenting a collection of favourite pieces at Fanclub in downtown Vancouver. “Awakenings” will pull the audience through the light and dark of the dream state. Each act will bring onlookers into the performer’s dream world, be it a glittery pajama party,  a space adventure, or a visit from the angel of death.  More information on tickets and showtimes will be available on our Facebook page very soon.

Until you can join us at Fanclub, why not lean a little more about our real-life dreams? The ladies of Pandora have very active imaginations! Nicky Ninedoors often dreams of the deep blue ocean and the terrifying notion of perishing in a killer whale attack. In the future, she hopes to travel to majestic Iceland (probably to meet Bjork).  Miss Kiss dreams of becoming Alice Cooper one day, if she doesn’t lend her voice to a Disney princess character first! Ava Lure has a recurring dream: doomsday prepping! If she survives the apocalypse, Ava hopes to share billing with Violet Eva one day (because that would mean she also gets to go to Japan). August Wiled also dreams of  underwater menace; her home being swallowed whole by the whale from Pinocchio.  What’s with these whales??

Do you like that gorgeous photo of Miss Fitt? The opening night of “Awakenings” will be coupled with an exhibition of selected photos from Ninedoors Photography. Make sure to mark down March 7th in your calendar, you won’t want to miss this glamorous event! Until then, check out Ninedoors Photography on Tumblr.

Heart & Soul

Are you ready for Heart & Soul with Pandora & The Locksmiths? I bet you want to know who our super sexy guest host is… well, we’re going to keep you guessing! That’s going to be shared on our Facebook event page so make sure to check in. See you on the evening of the 11th at guilt&co, show at 9:00pm!

Everything Old Is New Again

Until you can see us in person, pour over more photos from last month’s show by Bob Ayers.


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