Scintillating live music and burlesque!

We shall never be Ruth-less again!

Tomorrow evening at Guilt & Co we’re turning up the heat even more and bringing you a full fledged…
Heat Wave!

In the past couple of weeks you’ve been getting to know our newest collective members. So far you’ve read interviews with Ava Lure and August Wiled. Today, we bring you the divine bombshell
Ruthe Ordare!

Read all about her below!

 What is your performance and training background?
Most of my performance and training background has been in dance, I began jazz and ballet when I was 10 and began studying it seriously when I was around 15.  I was very focused and determined in my ballet training, and I was lucky to have a very talented teacher who helped me reach the Royal Academy of Dance’s grade 8 in ballet after only four years.  I also competed in local dance competitions in Ontario. 
In my late teens, I started teaching dance at my studio and choreographed competitive routines, performance company pieces and studio recital numbers.  I also owned and operated my own summer dance camp before I moved west to Vancouver.
While I was attending university, I choreographed five musicals.  It was a huge learning experience since my choreography now had to factor in singing as well as performers who had little to no training.  But it was also some of the most fun I had at university!
Some of my biggest performances have included dancing for the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards for CBC in 2002 and in the Opening Ceremonies at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  
Currently I am taking classes at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre and you can occasionally find me substituting when Burgundy Brixx or Lola Frost are away!

 How and when and why did you get into burlesque? 
I began looking into burlesque a few years ago but didn’t have the opportunity to pursue it until 2010.  In my final year of university I had a class with another local performer Evelyn Ivory, and we somehow started chatting about musicals and dance when burlesque came up.  She referred me to Burgundy Brixx’s School of Tease classes and the rest is history!  I began taking lessons with Burgundy in November 2010 and made my debut in January 2011 as one of her Minsky Follies girls at Kitty Nights. 

What drew me to Burlesque was the idea of being able to use my dance and stage training.  When I was in my late teens I knew I didn’t have the physique for ballet, and I also didn’t have the T&A they wanted for most commercial dance work – so dance had become less of a focus.  When I found burlesque it was so refreshing to be in a space where artists are celebrated for their talent, creativity and skill and not for their ability to fit a pre-constructed mold of “perfection”.  I can be beautiful, funny, silly, sexy, serious or magical!  I also have full control of the image I’d project to my audience, I am the final say on costumes, make-up, choreography and vision.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From so many places, I’m constantly inspired by other performers who are trying new things and expanding the genre.  I find ideas from movies, books, and primarily music.  The dancer in me hears a piece of music and decides “I need to dance to this”.  From there I’ll spend time listening to it and the ideas for costumes and  movement develop in my head.   Any big plans or productions you’re a part of in the future you’re excited about? 
Well, first of all I’m very excited to become an official member with Pandora & The Locksmiths, I’ve had the pleasure of stage kittening with them for almost a year now and it’s an honour to be asked to join the ranks with performers whom I highly respect.  Outside of Pandora, I’m looking forward to staging our Burlesque “beauty pageant” Ta-tas and Tiaras with April O’Peel and Madame Mae I on July 13th at the Rio Theatre.  I’m also taking on my first attempt at producing this fall with Blue Morris Productions!


Is that not an impressive resume or what?
We’re thrilled to have her perform with us for the first time tomorrow alongside Burgundy Brixx, Nicky Ninedoors, August Wiled, and special guest Villainy Loveless. You’ll enjoy the vocal talents of Miss Fitt and Doug Thoms (our fabulous host this month) as well as, you guessed it, the musical stylings of the five piece sensation, The Locksmiths! And don’t forget about the balloon popping fun with Ava Lure!
Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 9 pm.
Suggested donation $10.
It fills up fast. Get there early and get yourself a cool drink, cuz it’s going to be a real scorcher!


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