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The Allure of Ava Lure

okay, take two…
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Heat Wave! with Pandora and The Locksmiths is when we’re officially introducing you to our newest contributors to the collective…

You’ve seen them setting up our microphones and picking up our finery while dressed to the nines, perhaps you’ve popped some of their balloons while they’ve paraded around, classic showgirl style, and you haven’t seen them while they’ve been backstage helping us get ready and organized in between acts. Sweepers or stage kittens, ladies and gentlemen, are incredibly valuable to a show. In fact, totally invaluable. We’ve done a couple shows without sweepers (or hosts) and in addition to laughing wildly at ourselves for making such a decision later on, it’s made it really apparent how much on-the-ball energy goes into this facet of our production. A f*cking lot.

Since September 2010, we’ve been utilizing various talents in the community. First it was our good friend Voracious V, and she’s moved on to do her own performing with us every few months. Next to sweep for us was the bombshell Ruthe Ordare, one of Burgundy’s students from the School of Tease (Vancouver Burlesque Centre). We took Tease II together, actually! After Ruthe, we worked with the striking Ava Lure, a student of Melody Mangler’s at Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society. And the newest addition is the magnificent August Wiled, another of Burgundy’s students. So the next series of blog entries until I come up with some new idea (just gimme some time!) is all about them, starting with…

Ava Lure

Photo of Ava Lure by WeDo Photo

We’ve enjoyed working with this fox since last August, and as we watch her develop as a burlesque performer we just keep getting more excited! We can’t wait to have her debut with the band in the future- date to be announced…

Read the silly Q&A I made her do!

What is your performance and training background?

I grew up doing theatre in school and was in a pre-professional dance program outside of school as a teenager, and after that I got my diploma in theatre from Douglas College where I got to work with some of the most amazing people ever! I’m now going into my third year of the BFA Theatre Performance program at SFU School for Contemporary Arts. How many times can I say “Theatre” in one paragraph?

How and when and why did you get into burlesque?

In 2009 I went to my classmate’s graduation from Screaming Chicken’s Becoming Burlesque class and immediately enrolled in the next one as an “acting challenge.” I graduated in March 2010 and have been performing part-time (alongside full-time theatre school) ever since. I have always been fascinated by the idea of the “showgirl,” or “exotic dancer” in the olde-timey sense of the word, and had watched Moulin Rouge a billion times and could quote it off the top of my head. After taking Burgundy’s Elements of Tease, I fell in love with the history of burlesque. The most fantastic thing I discovered about the art is how much freedom is possible within a seemingly basic form.

Rabbit-Ava (alongside Miss Fitt and Voracious V-Dog) were captured on film during the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, by Cameron Brown.

3) Where do you draw your inspiration from?

50s and 60s music ad dresses, the early 20th century fascination with beauty, Ziegfeld and Berkley glamour, Vladimir Nabokov’s exquisite perversion, Frank Miller’s femmes fatales, and Shakespeare’s open heart.

Any big plans or productions you’re a part of in the future you’re excited about?

I’m really excited to attend the Veiwpoints Training Workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts in July!

Photo captured by Ian West during the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival with us.

Don’t you just wanna pop some balloons off of her? You do? Perfect! July 10th at Guilt and Co is the date you’re looking for.
See you there!


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