Scintillating live music and burlesque!

A Cactus, Ruby Slippers, and a Muff

How’s that for a title? It’s all true, I swear it.

But first things first, our next show at Guilt on July 10th:
Heat Wave!
In this show we’re featuring one of our favourite ladies to work with, Villainy Loveless, the “Marilyn Monroe of East Van”, a member of The Starlet Harlots, and sister to the fierce Lola Frost. She’s got talent, style, and attitude, and we like it.
We’re also presenting two of our newest members- Ruthe Ordare and August Wiled!
I’m going to do a whole entry on the newest contributors to our collective as soon as I get my paws on some photos they would like for me to promote them with. Hint hint. 😉

You’ll also see acts from Burgundy Brixx and myself, our stage will be vixen-ed by Ava Lure, and the night will be hosted by Doug Thoms. Oh yeah, and that five piece band we just can’t seem to get rid of, The Locksmiths, will be providing the live bump to our grind…

Down to the itty bitties…

This is going to be part one of the photos taken by Cameron Brown at our recent show on June 12th. Because we’re tease artists and you don’t get it all at once. You’re going to have to work for it. You’re going to at least have to pretend you just read something before clicking on the nudie photos. And we’ll all just pretend I don’t see exactly what you’re searching when you’re sent to our blog. AHEM. Cuz we don’t judge here!


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