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Great performers love great photographers!

Well Hello, Miss Fitt here! Last month I did a shoot with a lovely photographer named Laura-Lee (My City Photos ). She was excellent to shoot with for a few reasons. First of all, she allows the model lead the creative process while providing a good balance of direction. This is essential for the client, as time is not wasted on images that don’t have good potential. She also managed to bring out my ‘real’ smile, which is a feat for any photographer 😉 This is because she provided a comfortable and fun atmosphere for the shoot. She was very in-tune with my comfort level, open to ideas and was a good communicator.

I decided to post this to emphasize the value of great studio photographers from a performer’s point of view. Some people have an artistic and technical eye for pictures and can take a great shot. It is an entirely different skill to be good at conducting a shoot. This is also especially important for me as a burlesque performer. First of all, photos are a valuable tool for promotion and marketing. Moreover, photos represent an artist in a unique way and can give an impression of a performer’s style and energy without words. In this case it is key that the photos reflect who I am or the persona that I am embodying.

Another important consideration for me is that I like to play with some images that are risqué. Cooperation is needed to achieve a certain creative vision. As you can imagine, when you are taking shots that involve any sort of nudity, the comfort and trust factor is of high importance. In my opinion, the more confident the model feels, the better the shots will be and the potential for creativity is greater.

I have been lucky to work with a number of other photographers in the studio here in Vancouver who share these qualities such as Shimona Henry, David Denofreo – black opal images, and Voodoo Bill. Although these photographers are all very different in their style and approach, they each take beautiful shots, create a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere and are supportive to performing artists. There are also a number of other awesome, talented photographers who support the Burlesque community (we are so spoiled!); although too many to gloat about in this post, but it gives me a future blog project 😉

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite shots from My City Photo!

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