Scintillating live music and burlesque!

More “Backstory”…

Where did I leave off last time? Ahhhh yes. So, we were dancing at The Lamplighter.  I was already very curious about this quirky lady who was going to be going to burlesque school. Our group decided that they wanted to go somewhere else… I don’t know. Somewhere fairly pretentious/douchey. Whatever. So, we went along, and met up with her friend Karen, who had just arrived via bicycle. Upon finding out where we were going, Karen decided that no, she would not check her bicycle helmet, and that she was just going to wear it all night. For protection against douche-boys. The theory didn’t exactly work, but was absolutely hilarious. I was pretty convinced that these people, at this point, were definitely A.O.K.

Story to be continued…!
Here! Now you’ve listened to my drivel, enjoy some pretty photos by William Stewart!


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