Scintillating live music and burlesque!

A Little Backstory…

Ahhh, more photos of myself and Voracious V from William Stewart.

Here’s a little backstory about how Voracious V and I came to be friends.

Back when I was working as a waitress, there was a girl I worked with whom I would occasionally go out and party with. I was kind of over the club scene at that point (I no longer really drank and that killed it for me) but every once in a while I definitely needed to dance. One night we were out at The Lamplighter and she introduced me to V, saying “She is going to do a burlesque course!”. I was really surprised, because I thought I was definitely the only person to have such a cool idea. No, not really, but to be honest I hadn’t come across anyone else who was like “I AM GOING TO STRIPPER SCHOOL! YAY!” and I was incredibly intrigued. Who was this little lady, with her super curvy body and her quirky mannerisms? WHO WAS SHE?
As I was going to do the same thing, I said “Me too!”. We proceeded to discover that we were signed up for the same session with Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society! WHOA.

There’s more to this story, obviously. But, just in case you didn’t know, I’m a professional tease. You’ll get more. When I say you’ll get more. Now, for some photos.


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