Scintillating live music and burlesque!

This Glorious Weekend

Hiiii! It’s Nicky. (shocking)

I cannot even explain how many times I’ve cried watching the amazing talent and creativity this city has to offer. Pandora and The Locksmith’s Night Owl Revue production at The Rio Theatre really kicked off the festival, and it’s just continued to soar throughout!

Since I’m writing this, you’re going to be subjected to my opinions and thoughts. Lucky!
On Thursday I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing team I am a part of. While it’s fairly common knowledge that I’m a driving fire under the powerful hindquarters of Pandora and The Locksmiths, there are so many facets to our collective that are absolutely crucial. I mean, you can’t get by on just hindquarters alone, right? Gotta have legs and brains and arms and crazy hard workers and positive attitudes, and most of all, sheer talent to work with. All of our members seriously brought it, and continue to bring it during the festival. I’m so full of joy it’s ridiculous. (FU super moon, where the f*ck did my waterproof liner go?!). I can’t wait to see tonight’s show at The Vogue with reigning queen Indigo Blue, and one of my favourite people- our very own legend- Judith Stein.

Last night I performed at The Vogue Theatre with my brother, Sean Bayntun. If you missed it, we did our Radiohead/Sally Rand/live music tribute of “Nude”. I won’t lie, when I get footage of that, I’m sending it straight to Thom Yorke. Dear Thom. Enjoy. From Nicky and Sean, with so much love. The performers last night were incredible. I could tell you which were incredible, or I could just tell you to look at the program and understand that every single person was AMAZING. No exagerration or lying whatsoever. There is, however, a special place in my heart for one of my very best friends, Voracious V. Hit me. Good god, hit me. And another special place in my heart for a friend I am lucky to have made- Jesse Belle Jones from Seattle’s Sinner Saint Burlesque troupe. I have never felt so amorous about a hobo before. ANYWAYS.

I’m going to the festival tonight. You should go, too. If you see me, come say hi and tell me what you think about the festival. I’m a huge dork and I love hearing everyone’s different favourite moments!

And now…. I shut up. And give you eye candy. (Expect to see a lot more in the next few days- this was the first batch I got my hands on. There will be lots of shots of Burgundy lighting the place on fire coming!)


Photos by Cameron Brown Photography (thank you so much!)


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