Scintillating live music and burlesque!

March’s Photo Blog!

Spring has sprung! And so will some other things after you view this post, if ya know what I’m saaaayyyin…. yeah. Insert obvious wink here. WINK. God I’m so sophisticated.

Next show- THE NIGHT OWL REVUE on March 28th! Featuring the scintillating striptease of BURGUNDY BRIXX, MISS FITT, NICKY NINEDOORS (me!) and our spectacular guest for the evening, LYDIA DECARLLO! Check her out. What a babe. Doesn’t she just make your jaw drop? We performed with her on New Year’s, and she is just an absolute gem- the perfect balance of classy dame and sex kitten.
Here’s a video of her slaughtering it at The New Orleans Burlesque Festival.

Lydia DeCarllo, captured by the fabulous Kaylin Idora Photography

Alright, onto the important business that is a photo blog devoted to moments from our last show at Guilt! All photos are by Baron S. Cameron.

Voracious V!

Guilt & Co

Little Miss Risk ponders the list of concoctions...

Musicians gettin ready...

One way or another, Delilah always shows stockings who the boss really is!

Delilah Dare gives us all pain in our heart- from watching such a ferocious chair dance!

Delilah Dare makes lounging on a cabaret chair look incredibly luxurious and comfortable, doesn't she? Try it yourself and see how comfy it is... 😉

The fiery triple threat talent, Burgundy Brixx!

"Though it's funny, now and then, how my thoughts go flashing back again to my old flame..."

Silks, satins, and so much sassing- Nicky Ninedoors

Bump'n'Grind time with Nicky!

One of Nicky's most refined assets

Who's that foxy lady? It's Carole Brunette!

Oh yes. That is a tail. This is going where you think it's going!

You've seen tassel twirling, you've maybe even seen assel twirling... and now you've seen straight up tail twirling, courtesy of our vixen Carole Brunette!

Whoo! Into intermission….

Note taking and drink downing.

Miss Fitt is in the audience for a change... and clearly loving it!

A lady needs her rest!

Back into it…

Look! A beautiful distraction! It's Voracious V!

Nicky Ninedoors knows a thing or two about a thing or two..

And one of the lessons Nicky has learned is that owning a one-speed bicycle from 1946 (courtesy of her Nana, bless her!) does, indeed, give you some seriously amazing hindquarters. Nana wasn't kidding!

Teach me tonight!

Does Delilah Dare dare?

Delilah Dare does, indeed, dare.

Hey, sometimes you just GOTTA have a bath!

"I'm woman. I'm a ball of fire. I'm a woman. I could make love to a crocodile!"
Best song lyric ever. At least we think so.

Sometimes a woman just needs a little sugar to cheer her up

Carole Brunette is made of all things sweet.

We're not sure how much of that sugar landed in that bowl.... 😉 the important thing is that there was lots of sugar, and a bowl, and Carole Brunette pouring it on herself after an absolutely stunning performance.


"Burlesque heaven is where outrageous prom dresses hope to go when they die." Outrageous prom dress= FABULOUS burlesque dress. Way to go, Burgundy, on this stunning costume!

How many people can wear orange and turquoise together like that? Yeah, that's what I thought! Burgundy Brixx showin us all how it's done!

Oh those legs. Burgundy is two parts leg, one part vintage showgirl, and alllll talent.

Nothing like the random shot where everyone is doing something different to truly capture the night! Thank you all for coming to our show! We love you!



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