Scintillating live music and burlesque!

Visual Sass

Short and sweet, this is all about our January show at Guilt & Co., and all the photos are by Rufio Van Hoover.

You can catch our next show at Guilt and Company on Tuesday, March 13th. Doors 7 pm, Show starts at 9- and if you want a seat get there early!
Don’t forget, Carole Brunette is back in action for that show- so don’t miss your chance to see this beautiful and foxy lady!

PS- Voracious V really, really does not like sharp objects. We’re pretty twisted, making her our official balloon girl 😀

Voracious V and Mama Kay pop it like it's hot

Our glamorous host for the evening, Mama Kay!

Our double duty bellydance burlesque star, Delilah Dare!

Miss Fitt is made of motherf*ckin magic!

Nicky Ninedoors sings the blues

The temptress Burgundy Brixx!

And into intermission…..

Getting cozy during intermission

Beautiful people with Trevor Grant

What can we say? We've got a very good lookin audience!

Straight back into it, it’s time to show you another side of us…

Nicky's tailfeathers

The triple threat (seriously, what doesn't she do???) and absolutely smokin' Burgundy Brixx!

Miss Fitt + Whiskey + The Doors = sassy chair dance awesomeness.

Delilah Dare destroys the final act of the evening (and leaves a huge trail of sugar in her wake... to mix with the glitter... the cleaners must love us!)

The End!


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