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Facets Like A Finely Cut Crystal…

Much like the crystals that adorn most everything we perform in, Pandora and The Locksmiths has many facets to our collective. Yesterday I fed you pictures and videos of our members Miss Fitt (and her Hot Pants), Delilah Dare (and Luciterra), Burgundy Brixx, and myself.

Today it’s all about Carole Brunette, Voracious V, and Mama Kay. Happy Strippin Sunday, people!

Carole Brunette
We call her the classiest ass on the West Coast for a reason! She is literally one of the sweetest and most lovely people you will ever meet. And if you haven’t met her, come to Guilt and Co on March 13th- she’s back on stage with us that month, and you don’t want to miss that because she’s a superfox. Whenever I’m in Burgundy’s ballet class and we do ron de jambes I just call them “The Carole Brunette Leg”. God the legs on that woman…or anything on that woman, for that matter… ANYWAYS. Did I mention she’s a singer too? Sorry ladies and gents, she is taken 😉

She’s Got Nothin But The Blues (my favourite tune to sing for her!)

Photo by Elizabeth Lang at The Cultch

Voracious V
You see her almost every single month setting up the stage and picking up our finery- a key element to our productions- but every once in a while you see her get up on stage and sass it up like a f*cking star. Full of character, our little violet entertainer will tickle you in all the right places.

She Gets Too Darn Hot at Kitty Nights’ Jazz Show!
(PS- I was with her when the ORIGINAL sunburn happened. Awesome. Bathingsuit by Messica Demolition)

Photo by Franky Panky at Sin City

Mama Kay (Camero Luvroc, Cameo LeCrock, Callio P. Cock)
Owner of East Vanity Parlour and our host at our Guilt & Co shows
Co-producer of The Cabaret Du Passe on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Guilt & Co.
Read a review here!

Mama Kay is one part Marilyn Monroe, one part rock n roll diva, and one part twisted as f*ck. We like her. A lot. At our Guilt show she’s this classy bombshell- and the very next week she takes the stage in a production of her own called The Cabaret Du Passe. She also was the brains and creative force behind the acclaimed Sex At The Circus productions. She’s a very talented and busy woman!

Sex At The Circus at last years VIBF– watch all the videos. Twisted and wonderful.

Also known as Callio P. Cock and for us, Mama Kay- pictured here for her Cabaret Du Passe production, photo by Shimona Henry

Alright ladies and gents. I gotta go to church now. I’m not kidding. It’s Black History Month so I was asked to sing. Hahaha. I’m so white. No, in all seriousness, I’ll be talking about the priveleged world we live in, how recently we made steps in the direction of equality (and how we have a long way to go), and singing Billie Holliday’s Strange Fruit. (I had to do this blog this morning to balance out the heavy with something fluffy and fun.)



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