Scintillating live music and burlesque!

Facets of our Inspiration

This blog entry covers videos and pictures only! Minimal blabbing from me! Unlike yesterday…

The inspiration for an all funk and soul show comes partially because funk and soul is awesome, and partially because the dude pictured below, is a big fan of vinyl… and booty shaking. Turns out we all like booty shaking too. Ta-da!

John Bews on his upright at The Cultch

Here’s a song that Miss Fitt and I do as a duo. We like it. I don’t have a video of it yet. It’s coming soon though. And god knows I’ll shamelessly put it ALL over the place when it does. In the meantime, you can listen to the song (and yes, we sing it live AND dance- totally hands free!) and look at the picture, then watch a video of Miss Fitt’s Hot Pants below!
Gwen McRae- Move Me Baby

Move Me Baby! Photo by Jason Statler for The Snipe News

Here’s a video of Miss Fitt’s Hot Pants group. This is related radness. SHIMMY TASTIC!
The Hot Pants at Guilt & Co- video by Michael Fromberg


Speaking of SHIMMYTASTIC….

How about a little Luciterra action? I went to the 1 year anniversary of The Decadent Eccentric and, as per totally the norm, they completely blew me away. Goddamn!

flash forward in time…
I just spent like, forty minutes watching their videos trying to decide which ones to link to. So it’s best that I just post their demo video and then YOU spend like 1298712 minutes picking your jaw up off the floor. If you wanna search them individually it’s Laura Albert, Gillian Cofsky, Naomi Joy, and Amber Rose (or Delilah Dare). Chris Murdoch is the man with the balls. 🙂

Photo taken by Diane Smithers

How about that Delilah Dare?
I’ve never felt so fond of slugs before…

This is a photo from their Decadent Eccentric Anniversary- taken by Diane Smithers. This act made me cry. Seriously. It is stunning and heart wrenching.

How about this lady? She does such a great Gypsy Rose Lee tribute! SASSY.
Burgundy Brixx in last year’s Vancouver International Burlesque Festival- A Night At The Cave

Photo by Jason Statler for The Snipe at The Night Owl Revue

Alright. That’s it for today. More in the next few days, I promise! Hope this eye and ear candy serves your weekend purposes well!


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