Scintillating live music and burlesque!

‘Tis The Season!


We are looking forward very, very much to Winter Magic featuring the incredible Travis Bernhardt! But you already know that you’re coming to Guilt and Co. on December 13th for that, so I’ll move on to other important topics.

Oh yeah, it’s Nicky.

So. We’re going to be very mean to you. We’re very sorry about it. But there are TWO New Years shows that our members are involved in. I know, I know, how on earth will you decide? Well. I don’t know. You will just have to. And we apologize again.

The Vegas Burlesque Gala(Drive Productions)
This spectacular burlesque show features Pandora members Burgundy Brixx, Miss Fitt, plus Pandora friends Ruthe Ordare, Madame Mae I, Cherry On Top, is hosted by The Purrfessor, with Manda Stroyer and Roxette Starr womaning the stage. Tickets on sale now at or in person at Arts Club Box Office -1585 Jonston st. Granville Island. I wanted to insert a big fancy picture of their poster here, but there wasn’t one for me to rip off of FB. Le sigh.
This, of course, makes me look like I’m sabotaging and picking favourites because I’m not in that one… heh heh. Kidding. I’m really not. There was no photo that I could steal! I tried!

The Nude Year’s Eve Gala (MM and On)

The Nude Years Eve Gala showcases Nicky Ninedoors, Lola Frost, Villainy Loveless, Lydia DeCarllo, and of course Vancouver’s tattoed fireball sexbomb (and the shows producer), Melody Mangler- all to the live music of The Locksmiths. The host for the evening is Jacqueline McLaughlin from Victoria. Tickets are on sale now- and there are a very limited quantity of early bird tickets available… hint hint 😉 Oh yeah. Dress up for this event. I’m bringing out all my rhinestones and feathers, I’d better see men in suits and women in gowns!

So, we’re very sorry for making you choose. We promise not to do it like that again next year 😉
If you’re looking for something to do this Sunday evening, check out Kitty Nights- Burgundy Brixx will obbbbviously be there, but Miss Fitt will too! And our favourite sass bomb Crystal Precious! And Lydia DeCarrllo, and Ruthe Ordare!  Yeah, I’ll be in the audience hootin and hollerin. You should be too 🙂

Nicky Ninedoors


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