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Dear November, You’re Pretty Rad.

First things first- Upcoming shows and events our members are involved in! (PS, it’s Nicky)

Thursday November 10th catch Miss Fitt’s sultry vocals at Dirty Dancing Burlesque (And Pandora and The Locksmiths’ favourites April O’Peel and Lola Frost are in it. Radness.)
Thursday November 10th catch Burgundy Brixx at the Electro Swing Club event. Our good friend and incredibly talented violinist/DJ Michael Fraser will be laying down some sweet tunes there as well.
Friday November 11th go to the Vancouver Burlesque Centre‘s Grand Opening Party! The Vancouver Burlesque Centre is co-run by Kitty Nights Producer/Pandora member Burgundy Brixx as well as Sweet Soul Burlesque members Cherry On Top and Lola Frost, so you know this grand opening is going to be fabulous! PS, I will be there gettin my mingle on. And probably my sass on too.
Saturday November 12th get a good look at the bombshell that is Ruthe Ordare in Bra Talent Burlesque, a showcase of up and coming burlesque artists in the city!
Sunday November 13th see the fabulous Burgundy Brixx and enjoy the go go stylings of Vancouver’s Go Go Queen Miss Fitt in The Purrrfessor’s Burly-Q Birthday Bash at Kitty Nights! (And our good friends Roxette Starr who organizes SO much for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, and Violet Femme, a member of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society and the acclaimed Razzle Tassel Tease Show)

We’ve got more shows on the way, but that should keep you going into next week!

Ah. Down to business. Or, actually, less business. Which I’m going to (you’re about to read a lie) keep short and sweet, because all that linking to all those pages was time consuming! Curse all you talented people with all your damn events!

Last night at Guilt and Company was lovely. A lively and supportive room full of people with great energy to feed off of and work with, hooray! If you were there, you know our show was full of ostrich feathered, rope bondaged, sparkly powder puffed, slow burnin, rainbow vibratin, cigarette smokin’, coffee drinkin, and twisted jazz singin’ showgirls…. and Batman. If you weren’t there, well, now you know why you should come to our shows on a regular basis. You never know just what kind of fabulously extravagant sh*tmix of routines you’ll get from a whole group of multitalented ladies, all set to a four piece band. Huge props to Jody Bowen of Guilt and Co for coproducing this amazing event with us and making it possible for us to perform there.

I think that was the shortest I’ve ever summed up a show in. Pat on the back for me!

Oh look, it’s special announcement time!

As you may know, John and I launched The Night Owl Revue at Electric Owl Social Club in August. You also likely know that November and December we aren’t running The Night Owl Revue, but starting January- dramatic pause- our whole group (yes, Pandora and The Locksmiths) is re-launching the night together! Hooray, combining the best of both worlds! Expect to see my hair in an afro a lot. I’m really excited about the styling of this night. John is a music nerd with a penchant for funk and soul and the oldschool hiphops (he shares my crush on Crystal Precious, surprise!) so there is a whooooole lot of groove to this show. We had a good moment with a fan the other day- he was the first person to actually understand the songs John was referencing (we kinda thought that would just be for John’s secret enjoyment, but lo and behold!) in The Night Owl Revue. He also was the first person to call me out “You’re a music nerd too. You’re totally doing this for the music, right? It is what inspires all of this for you.” Haha. True story, I certainly am. But don’t get me wrong… I loooooove takin my clothes off, and good music just makes it that much more natural for me. šŸ˜‰

This evolution of The Night Owl Revue and Pandora and The Locksmiths feels just so incredibly right. Producing shows is cool, but co-producing is where it’s at, I have to say. I like being able to connect with other brains and co create everything. It’s how Pandora and The Locksmiths has been operated right from the beginning and it feels sooooo good. We think it works pretty good too!

While I’m missing the other original members of Pandora while they are away (Delilah Dare and Carole Brunette) I feel very lucky to be watching this project grow and have Miss Fitt right there for the whole process. We’ve been in this project together from its very inception and I’ve been able to glean a lot of insight and knowledge off this skilled performer. She has had so much experience in danceĀ  and is so involved in the burlesque community (Sex At The Circus, Beatles Burlesque, many other productions, and she is launching her own go go show coming up soon) it’s a real treat to be able to call her both a friend and a partner. Her brain is amazing, and on top of all that she’s really nice too. I mean, she could be a bitch and I wouldn’t care with all her amazing attributes and skills and talents (the bird sings real nice too), but she’s really nice! Okkkkaaaay girlcrush moment. The fact that on top of working with Miss Fitt, I get to work with Burgundy Brixx on a regular basis now too just kinda makes my swarovski covered heart explode. With glitter. (Ummmmm can’t wait to be working with the other members of Pandora when they return…!!! SHAZAM!)

Well, I think I’m done now. Yup. Fin!

Hope to see you out at events in the next while. We’ll keep you posted on other upcoming gigs!
Nicky Ninedoors


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