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Indoors Sure is Nice Now!

Hello dear readers! Whoever you may be. However many you may be. One? Two? Five? A MILLION? (Hi, it’s me, Nicky.) It’s finally fall (read: burlesque season is back in full swing!), and suddenly going indoors and cozying up with a cocktail is just incredibly appealing.

Next month we’re back on November 8th at Guilt and Co. and we’re bringing back the fabulous April O’Peel to perform with us! Hooray!

For my personal review of Tuesday’s show (just in case you missed it and want to torment yourself and remind yourself why you don’t miss our shows, or in case you want to reinforce what happened) read below:

Last night we had our monthly show at Guilt and Co., and it was fabulously fun. We busted out all our fall and Halloween themed routines t- and Mama Kay was a gloriously blinged out angel, complete with wings, and just dripping with class as she hosted. Ruthe Ordare, of course, was Little Red Riding Hood, collecting all our finery and doing all our set up. We were surrounded by blonde bombshells….mmmmmmm!

We started off with one of our signature three part harmony numbers, Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar. Or as we call it, Beat Me Daddy! Don’t you just love that title? I heard from a fan last night (a knight. Not joking. He was a knight. And he wasn’t lying.) that we sound almost identical to The Andrews Sisters, but with a little bit of Billie Holiday (without heroin) mixed in. Which is great, because more soul is always better, in my opinion!

Our special guest Spooksy DeLune did a stunning Depeche Mode slow burn that involved a knife, carving a pumpkin on stage, and finishing off with pouring black wax on herself. And you KNOW black wax is the hottest. MEOW. This sort of routine could be done badly by any number of performers (I have seen variations) but the reception was fantastic- I watched my mom’s face a whole lot during it (when I could peel my eyes off of Spooksy’s amazing derriere- the benefit of singing from behind the other performers!) and she seemed highly entertained by Spooksy along with the rest of the crowd. Take that, classic burlesque! Oh yeah, Spooksy also had bat pasties. Which she twirled. Queen of Halloween indeed!

Burgundy’s highly witty tribute to Gypsy Rose Lee made me laugh so hard (as I was scrambling backstage to get out of my clothes and into, well, another set of clothes that would be easier to remove)- I love the finishing line of the piece. So entertaining. And I agree. I don’t think that Adam was tempted by an apple. It definitely was a pear. And that pear’s name was Eve!

Miss Fitt and I performed our 60s cutesy duet Day or Night- and had a good laugh. One day we will get that routine perfect. ONE day. Microphones and cables and stands can make for during routine mishaps, but other than our issues with set up entanglement it was the best we’ve ever performed it. It’s always so great to sing in harmony with another person, but I especially love the blend of my mezzo with her soprano voice.

Our second set started off with probably my favourite routine of Miss Fitt’s EVER. EVER!!! Miss Fitt, that naughty minx, bound and gagged Bernie Bombay and sang the impossibly sweet “He Needs Me” while waving around a very large and very real knife (as the audience killed themselves laughing!). Her psycho laugh is probably the best thing ever. The best thing is that the original form of this routine is just super sweet and sugary and involves sparkly hearts in a fan dance style. I LOVE the transformation. It’s amazing what a butcher knife, some rope and some blood will do for do you say…the feel of a piece, you know? Hehehe.

Next up I took to the stage in my Vamp routine, otherwise known as Midnight sun. I LOVE wearing that costume. Messica Demolition (my sister in law) made me a stunning Edwardian style corset in burgundy velvet and black lace, along with a beautiful bustle skirt, and the shape that little number gives me is just unbelievable. I had a really good time performing this number- it was the fourth time I’ve done it, and I hadn’t touched it in 5 months, so it had some time to grow and gain an addition… Edward. Edward is my mink. Um. Yeah, he’s really soft. So, that routine involves a lot of red glitter. I did laundry and now everything has red glitter on it.  I’m doing this routine another time this month. I think I’ll be covered with red glitter well into December. Which is great because that’s a seasonal colour. Pat on the back for being prepared!

Okay, Spooksy’s second number… I sang The Cramps. And I actually pulled it off! I had my doubts… Thank you opera trained vibrato! Also, that number was insane. Spooksy was The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon. I don’t really know how to describe it other than saying she was awesome, and she poured black swamp muck on  herself. And roasted Ruthe Ordare in a pot. and then tried to eat her. I mean, you try to describe what happened on stage if you were there last night. I certainly can’t. The whole place was totally entertained. Spooksy is so high energy and just a delight to watch, and she’s sexy as heck! Who can be that sexy while in a green head cap with gills attached, while ripping apart a fish on stage? Spooksy. That’s who. So. Awesome.

To close the burlettas for the night, Burgundy Brixx did her “I’m Gonna Change” Monarch Butterfly routine. Which is probably my favourite routine of hers. Among my many favourite routines of Burgundy’s. Shes kinda a favourite routine machine. Anyhoo! I love this routine. She sings it beautifully and she fully transforms from a cocoon into a butterfly on stage. The song has three endings, which makes for three stages of major reveals. One of which included “assles”. Like tassles, but for your ass. Which she spun deftly, obviously, to the delight of our whole audience.

Wow, I write a whole lot. Yap yap yap! Whatevs. I like to keep people in the know!

Anyhoo, to finish up this post, our band is fabulous. Every time we have a show (which is now pretty often, yay!) I’m just blown away over how many hours they put into it, and then how absolutely fabulous they sound. Big props to them for being amazing.

So remember- November 8th at Guilt and Co. April O’Peel. Be there. Oh yeah, next month I’m revamping a very, very sexy routine, and it’s getting a very very fabulous costume upgrade done complete with lots of ostrich feathers. Mmmmmm, luxury.

Nicky and all the rest


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