Scintillating live music and burlesque!

One year down and lots more in store!

Next show: Oct 11 – Pandora and the Locksmiths at Guilt & Co.

Hello all!

First of all I would like to thank a few very important people now that we have celebrated our one year anniversary. We owe enormous thanks the Locksmiths: Sean Bayntun, John Bews, Alison Gorman and Trevor Grant. We are so grateful for your hard work, skill, dedication, patience, great attitudes aaaand stylish appearance 😉 You take the show to another level.

I would like to thank the performers that we have worked with in the past 12 months who have added their talent and sass to our shows: MacKenzie Gray, Violet Femme, Mamma Kay, Ruth Ordare, Lola Frost, April O’Peel, Melody Mangler and Ava Lure. Thank you also to 2 of the 4 original Pandora members, Carole Brunette and Delilah Dare for your invaluable contribution as co-creators of this project and for your friendship and creative inspiration. Thank you Jody Bowen, Bryce and the staff at Guilt & Co. for your hard work and generosity. Thank you Burgundy Brixx, Voracious V and Nicky Ninedoors for working your fine booties off every month to continue producing our fantastic shows and packing the venue each time! And finally, thank you to the audience members that have supported us over the last year. Our show means nothing without you being there to enjoy it ❤

We’d also like to thank Livia Rose of Smart Tart Designs for designing the magical wireless microphone concealing South Pacific headpiece for Nicky’s Bali H’ai number. Nothing like a performer being able to take a bath on stage without electrocuting herself while she sings!

With the thank-you’s out of the way, I have some new and exciting news! October is near and Halloween is around the corner. This can only lead to one obvious scheme. That’s right. We are ‘spookifying’ show next month and featuring the one and only Queen of Halloween herself: SPOOKSY DELUNE! This expolsive performer oozes sex appeal and leaves you with a strange feeling of disturbed delight! She is one of a kind and not to be missed! The frightfully enticing show is October 11th at Guilt & Co.!

***Don’t forget to check out the second Night Owl Revue at the Electric Owl on Sept. 28th! This month’ special guest is the sensational Jesse Belle-Jones from Seattle! The Night Owl Revue is a new monthly burlesque show with a funky flavour featuring your Pandora faves, Nicky Ninedoors and Burgundy Brixx and the Locksmiths plus Vancouver’s sassiest MC, Crystal Precious. Click here for more details!***


Miss FItt!


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