Scintillating live music and burlesque!

A year ago…

Next show up: September 13th at Guilt and Co. Doors 7 pm, show 9 pm.


About a year ago, Carole Brunette, Delilah Dare, Miss Fitt and I were scheming up a grand production involving singing, dancing, burlesque, and of course, the band. At the same time, Jody Bowen at Guilt and Co. was dreaming of having a production of singing, dancing, burlesque, and live music in the venue. Through many “Oh! I know someone who knows….” type of connections, those grand ideas were merged… but instead of it being a one off show, it turned into a monthly. And Pandora and The Locksmiths were formed.

We just did our 11th show at Guilt and Co (you know, the one complete with magic mushrooms, mermaids, dogs and rabbits, absinthe transformations, a lot of rum and coca cola, biblical references, and an epic amount of glitter) and it is with great excitement that the days grow closer to our 12th month- our one year anniversary.

As in any relationship, reaching one year together is an occasion to be celebrated. Our relationship has evolved as the time has gone on, and we have done a lot of growing together and learning how to deal with eachother in a big dynamic group setting. I mean, being a collective of 8 people (with more rotating in and out) is no easy position to manage. Some of us (Miss Fitt) are more diplomatic and designed for this than others (Me), but despite all our individual quirks (several quirks per person) I think we are a highly functional group of people.

Our performer lineup for this month’s show (backed by the usual musical suspects) is as follows:
Miss Fitt
Burgundy Brixx
Voracious V
and a guest balloon artist/stage vixen to be announced. As soon as I find one. I usually book everything months and months in advance, but circumstances have made this plan not work so much this time. Ah well. I apparently can’t be prepared every single time.

So, I have a few personal reasons that you should come out to the show.
1) I’m resurrecting a number that hasn’t been seen since our first show at Guilt and Co. Only it’s getting updated. Sweet.
2) John, Trevor, Sean, and I are doing a full Oscar Peterson tribute number. It involves seriously intricate piano playing and Sean is going to give me a run for my money when it comes to attention getting on stage for that number. Bring it.
3) Voracious V and I are doing a pure comedy duet. I know that most of what I do has tongue in cheek humour to it but this number is pure comedy. We were blocking it out and planning and basically rolling around on her living room floor laughing. I don’t even think I can explain it without it sounding stupid and nonsensical. But it makes perfect sense. And you definitely shouldn’t miss it, because it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. And Guilt and Co is gonna get a new shade of glitter to vacuum up. Yay, new shade of glitter for the cleaners! šŸ˜€

The rest of the show is going to be fantastic, too. You’ll get to hear Miss Fitt sing with the band in the aftershow, Burgundy is doing a stunning number that she hasn’t done with us since last October when she was our first guest at Guilt (PS- so wonderful to be able to have her as one of the team! That woman is the magical wizard of stripping land!) and a very, very extravagant number involving a large prop and an appearance by Doug Thoms. Miss Fitt will bring lots of her signature fire cracker energy, as well as another one of her fabulous rainbow trips. And Voracious V brings you a solo that you’ll just want to eat right off of her. (What number does she do that doesn’t make you hungry?)

All tied together with our sultry host, Mama Kay (of East Vanity Parlour fabulousness), this night is going to slide up right next to you, give you a hug, a wink and a smile, and leave your jaw hanging as you admire the trail of glitter and Swarovski’s left in it’s wake.

See you on September 13th šŸ™‚
Nicky Ninedoors

PS- thank you all who came out to support The Night Owl Revue’s launch on August 24th. Looking forward to the next one on September 27th- featuring special international guest Jesse Belle-Jones of Sinner Saint Burlesque!


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