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Sassy Updates & Upcoming Show!

Next show: Tuesday August 9th @ Guilt & Co.

Hello all, Carole here for a quick update!

Our appearance for Kitty Nights Presents Pandora and the Locksmiths in celebration of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival was a super success thanks to all of your support! For fans of the infamous Kitty Nights this was something a little different with our entirely live music element, and our host for the evening, the charming Mackenzie Gray taking over the mic. For us it was a special honor to take over our favorite stage for the night! A HUGE THANK YOU to Burgundy Brixx and the Purrrfessor ( for inviting us and for being generally amazing and consistently two of our favorite people. Another BIG thank you to our guest musicians Rob Linton on the drums and Michael Fraser on the violin (ooooo a pretty new sound for the Pandora girls!!) We were super pumped to be joined by the dynamic and gorgeous (everyone loves) April O’Peel from the Razzle Tassel Tease Show ( who gave us two BEAUTIFUL performances on the stage she knows better than anyone but Burgundy herself (!!) Then there was our sassy sexpot Voracious V who simply SIZZLED with her scorching little beach number (OMG can you get any CUTER??!) And of course there was the explosive Nicky Ninedoors with her totally adorable new shiny stockings AND the Kitty Nights comeback of everyone’s favorite signature Nicky number…a rendition of Closer by Nine Inch Nails (WWOWZA!)  Thanks also to our loyal and irresistable stage kitty, the chocolate-eyed bombshell that is Ruth Ordare! I feel so blessed in the company we keep 🙂 I had especial fun putting sugar in my bowl thanks to our awesome band and the amazing Nicky Ninedoors on vocals (definitely feeling like my personal favorite number right now!!!!)

So major Kitty Nights good times had by all, followed by another intense week of rehearsals for said awesome band in preparation for our July installment at Guilt & Co. This one was a blast in every color of the rainbow as we were Peeling With Pride to celebrate gay pride in Vancouver! It also marked the official welcome to the newest addition to our Pandora team: the top-of-her-craft expert-in-tease herself,  Burgundy Brixx! Find out more about Burgundy and the classes she offers and more at ( come see her skills set to live music as she takes it to the next level with us!!! We feel so lucky to have Burgundy appearing with us now on the second Tuesday of EACH month at Guilt & Co., and I am personally SO excited to have her backstage as much as on stage (I love this woman)! YAY!  So it was a buzzing Tuesday in July, and the A-game was brought to Gastown by some of our MOST-favorite scandalous show-stoppers…the incredible Miss Fitt, the mind-blowing Nicky Ninedoors, the scandalously flirtatious Voracious V, the sensational Burgundy Brixx, AND of course yours truly Carole Brunette.  The show was carried by our resident hostess; the stunning Mama Kay, looking exotic and drawing us in with her every sultry insight. This woman is right at home on the mic and is perfect fir for the evening’s ambience. Another full-to-capacity reception and the crowd was totally stoked having a GREAT time! It was really encouraging to see familiar and extra-spectacular shining faces cheering us from front and center …super appreciated and loved having you there 🙂

I feel I need mention here how grateful we are for the support and excitement we have received from our audience as well as the staff at Guilt & Co. and EVERYONE involved in making this residency happen (special shout out to the unstoppable force of Fatale Productions). This last eleven months (holy $#!% eleven shows at Guilt!) has been an joyous experience, an amazing journey, and a true blessing for all of us and we just want to say THANK YOU AGAIN. We hope to continue entertaining you so keep a look out and watch our pages for updates!

We also hope you’ll join us for our NEXT production of guilty pleasures upon our home stage…Tuesday, August 9th at Guilt & Co. for what is going to be a hot hot HOT mid-summer night (and if the weather’s still not hot dammit we will be MAKING IT HOT for you!!) This show we will be proudly featuring our next guest performer, a local treasure, the ground-breaking Melody Mangler of the Razzle Tassel Tease Show and Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society ( ! I’m sure you don’t want to miss this steaming collaboration!! So maybe I’ll see you there?

xo Carole

Melody Mangler!


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