Scintillating live music and burlesque!


Hey all, guess who!

Tuesday and Wedneday night brought the usual late night rehearsals, with the focus being our show for Kitty Nights Presents Pandora and The Locksmiths this coming Sunday the 3rd.

I have to say, I’m feeling particularly blessed and inspired this Wednesday morning after practicing with the lovely April O’Peel, Voracious V, Carole Brunette, Mackenzie Gray, and the band. The creativity that is allowed to blossom through live music is just astonishing. April O’Peel is debuting a brand new and absolutely stunning number at Kitty Nights. It’s much less traditional in one regard for burlesque, and much more traditional in terms of how it’s musically laid out. It’s beautiful. And because it’s so stripped down (ehhh? ehh??) it reveals (okay seriously I’m not making this sentence like this on purpose!) the voice, piano, and dancer so much more. Our musical movements have to be timed to her dancing, matched to such a degree. And I love it!

I don’t do this live music thing because I hate canned music. I mean, one of my favourite pieces to perform is my Nude fan dance, but  we can’t always just call and ask up Thom Yorke or Sarah Vaughan or Oscar Peterson to come do a show with us, for more reasons than one. But really, the reason I do the live music thing is because it allows for another whole level of creative expression. I am so inspired by all the talent around me that it’s an absolute honour to be able to be a part of someone else’s inspiration and creativity. Some of my favourite numbers to perform aren’t even my numbers- but they are ones I’ve been allowed to sing. For Delilah Dare’s Toxic, I add extra vibrato and ornamentation to match her shimmying and isolations. For Carole Brunette’s Blues number, I’m aware of exactly how she’s gonna take off those gloves! If you notice what I’m doing during someone’s number, I’m looking directly at them as much as possible- I don’t want to miss an opportunity to create something extra personal for them, in the moment.

It is just such a beautiful form of creative intimacy, and it happens on stage in real time. Pure joy. And we are so lucky in Vancouver to have such a bevy of talent to share with eachother.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this- if you are a performer and haven’t worked with a live band or musician or singer, do it. It’s a totally different world from canned music- not without it’s challenges, of course- and it can really challenge you to think about different aspects of creativity. I mean, having the ability to have music absolutely customized to your movements and concept… endless possibilities for creativity. It’s almost overwhelmingly amazing.

This was just a short little blog entry. I’ve discovered that I have the day off, and John has the day off too, so we’re gonna go get me some lingerie! YAY!

PS- you know the nice tables at Kitty Nights? Well, you can reserve them. Highly recommended!


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