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June 22nd, 2011

First things first- upcoming shows! (oh PS, it’s Nicky.)

July 3rd @ Kitty Nights- Biltmore Cabaret
Doors 8 pm, Show 9 pm
$7- raffle ticket included!
We are honoured and absolutely delighted to be a part of Burgundy Brixx’s and The Purrfessor’s Kitty Nights. The shiny sparkly fantastic lineup consists of Carole Brunette, Voracious V, April O’Peel, yours truly, Ruthe Ordare, backed by a shiny live band! And the whole evening will be hosted by the dapper Mackenie Gray. Even the intermission with all of us- that’s right, each one of us!- go go dancing will be live music! We’ve got special extra goodies lined up for the coveted Bag of Sex from local designers such as Messica Demolition, Smart Tart, and Maggie Pie, as well as a couple very sizzling autographed photos from yours truly and Carole Brunette. Meow! Hope to see you there!
PS- you can get VIP tables. You know, the fancy tables that are the perfect height and distance away from the stage so you can still see absolutely everything but you maybe don’t go home as glittery as I do? (that’s only a maybe. I make no promises)

July 12th @ Guilt and Co.
Doors 7 pm, Show 9 pm
Admission by donation
This is where we get to make an extra fantastic announcement: July’s rainbowsparkletastic show (yeah I said that) welcomes the one of the most talented and hardworking burlesque powerhouses you will ever know- the fabulous Burgundy Brixx! You know the drill- if you want a seat, get there early, the place fills up quick! If you have any inquiries for special parties (We had an 81 year old woman in for her birthday last show, and a 70 year old man and 50 of his friends the show before that, and they loved it and did not have heart attacks!) or occasions, please direct them to Jody Bowen, the General Mischief Manager at Guilt and Co.

Alright, so now that we have that all out of the way, we owe you an apology. We’ve been very bad at blogging and have neglected our communication duties. We’re sorry. We might have to be sorry again sometime, but we will make an effort to be regular with this blogging business! Unlike what I do with my Twitter account, which is occasionally post something, and then forget that I have it. I have what, 32 followers? I think that’s even being generous. I think I see most of them more often than I even post on Twitter. It’s the damn character limit… you know I like my long paragraphs.

Moving right along!
The rest of this blog is devoted to links to videos taken by Strip Cheez at the 2011 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival! We produced the show “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be” on Thursday at The Rickshaw, and if you missed it, or just wanna watch it again, here it all is in sequential order for your viewing purposes.

***Note to all photographers/videographers – if you are interested in videotaping or photographing our shows, please contact us at in advance to discuss. We do not allow any unauthorized recording of our performances or shows. And there is a general ban on camera phones being out while we are performing. We like to connect with you in the moment and we appreciate electronic devices taking a holiday at our events. 🙂 Everyone needs a holiday, right?***

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be

Sleepwalker’s Serenade
Miss Fitt, Carole Brunette, Delilah Dare

Midnight Sun
Nicky Ninedoors

Ain’t Got Nothin But The Blues
Carole Brunette

Delilah Dare

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Miss Fitt, Nicky Ninedoors, Carole Brunette

Squeeze Me (Don’t Tease Me)
Miss Fitt

Rhythm Section
Delilah Dare & Trevor Grant…

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be!
Voracious V, Carole Brunette, Nicky Ninedoors, & Miss Fitt

Well, there you have it! I want to make a mention that this show was predominantly designed and sewn by the ever talented Messica Demolition. I think the only thing not designed and made by her was Delilah Dare’s bellydance outfit for her drum solo number. Everything else Messica had a hand (if not two) in making! Yay supporting local talent! You know what else is yay? Our Brother Keys (aka my brother, the keyboardist, Sean) is MARRYING MESSICA DEMOLITION! On July 23rd! We are all very pleased at this forever union. She is making all of her bridesmaids custom gorgeous dresses, all of his groomsmen custom dashing suits, and a number of other people involved in the wedding too. And her dress. And her lingerie. And her after wedding dress. You should see how many f*cking crystals are involved in this shenanigan. Did I mention their wedding colours are white and rainbow? F*ck yeah.

Alright. I’m starting to curse. Time to leave the computer and go to rehearsal!
See you at our next show!
Nicky and Co.


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