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June 2011 – Shows and things

June 14 – Fatale Presents: Risque Cabaret with Pandora and the Locksmiths! 1 Alexander St. Gastown

Carole Brunette, Miss Fitt and Nicky Ninedoors bring you another stellar show with special guest Voracious V, Ruth Ordare as our sweeper and the newest host to join our ensemble – Mama Kay! On a sleepy Tuesday night in Gastown, Guilt & Co. is alive with this enticing show that will surely get your blood pumping!

Mama Kay is a powerful and saucy bombshell who does it all! Not only is she a producer, director, performer and host, she runs the legendary East Vanity Parlour where the Pandora Girls get gussied up before the show. She is also known as the delightful ‘Calio P. Cock’ who produces and directs the acclaimed stage show ‘Sex at the Circus’ and can be seen on the first Tuesday of each month at Guilt & Co. with the Sex at the Circus spin-off ‘Strange Circus’.

That makes 3 amazing hosts now that we are honoured to work with including the always classy MacKenzie Gray (Smallville) who brought it home at our last big production for the 2011 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and the gorgeous and bubbly Violet Femme who charmed the crowd at our February production at the Cultch! Keep posted for their next appearances, and wish Violet luck at the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend where she will compete for best group ‘Razzle Tassel Tease’ with AprilO’Peel and Melody Mangler (who is also competing with a solo for ‘Queen of Burlesque’!)!!! You are gonna kill it ladies!


Miss Fitt


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