Scintillating live music and burlesque!

Oh! Helllloo…

Oh hi, it’s Nicky.

So, it’s been a very busy, well, since September for us. And for a lot of the burlesque community! There has been a veritable burlesque explosion in this city! We very, very much approve. There is so much talent in this city it’s actually mind boggling. Performers and audiences, in my very “humble” opinion, are pretty blessed. We have the opportunity to see so many fantastic performers that inspire us, that make us laugh, make us cry, make us be so grateful for this art form. We also have the opportunity to be able to get up on so many different stages and perform our art form for a multitude of different audiences. I can’t really begin to describe how grateful this whole community makes me feel. We can take lessons to perfect our skills, or just for the heck of it, from world class performers Burgundy Brixx (School of Tease), April O’Peel and Melody Mangler (Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society), just to name a couple of the ongoing classes that happen. Not to mention whenever Diamond Minx brings a crazy fabulous headliner into town and arranges amazing workshops (Michelle L’amour, and Catherine D’Lish!) with said headliners. Um, blessed. Big personal thank you to all of these ladies from me.

Okay, okay, give me a blog and I start in with all the sappy crap. Where’s sassy Nicky? Sassy Nicky is BUSY! Busy preparing for my first ever BURLESQUE CHRISTMAS WEEEE!!!!!

No, seriously, it’s my first time participating in the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Holy. Crap. Excited. Did I mention grateful? Oh yeah. Probably. I am.

So yes, it’s my first time. *blushes*. I know. I almost should be ashamed. Two whole years of being in a relationship with burlesque and only now I’m in the festival? Pffff. Well, two years ago, I did see the festival. Part of it. I was so fresh out of burlesque school (Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society) that frankly, as I watched Little Miss Risk pour sugar all over Jo Boobs, it was all I could do to keep my jaw off the floor and remember to blink. I was a little over my head in these fabulous waters, you know? Burlesque is intense!

Last year I was part of The Wild Party- a crazy musical that featured a jazz band (I might add that this is how The Locksmiths got started) and fittingly enough, I was one of two people who had a nude scene. A reverse peel. Out of an orgy. Aaaaaanyhoo! Did I mention it was a beautiful song and my favourite part of the whole musical? (Surprise.) But unfortunately The Wild Party ran straight through the VIBF. Ohhhhh was I ever SAD!

But, that’s okay. That’s what this year is for. Pandora and The Locksmiths were getting together in the summer, planning away, when suddenly, through “a friend of a friend recommended you” and “this person saw you perform” and “you do the live music thing” we had a monthly gig at Guilt and Co. pretty much fall into our laps and explode with glitter and fantasticness. Which brings us to now, about 8 months later, having the honour of producing a show as part of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. I don’t have kids, and it’s likely that I never will be able to (pretty sure E6000 glue is gonna render me infertile eventually, darn you crystal pasties!), so this is pretty much my substitute baby. You know, the baby that was conceived with Delilah Dare, Miss Fitt, Carole Brunette, and The Locksmiths. That baby has got some pretty good genetics going on… Oh right, I’m supposed to be humble. What can I say, though? I love the people that I work with. Such big hearts they have! And together we present our tribute to oldschool burlesque – and the neo-burlesque movement that we love- “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be!”

OKay, enough of my “I’m grateful, I’m super excited, I love burlesque!” ramblings. Here is a link to the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival so that you can get your darn tickets and come see the show. Oh yeah, and please become a member of the VIBF Association so that you can vote for you who want on the board, and vote for how you want this festival to all come about next year. Not to mention if you are a member (there will be many many opportunities this coming weekend to become one!) you can come to the PRIVATE PARTY on the final night of the festival at The Biltmore! Which you totally want to do. I’ll wear something scandalous. Like, for SURE no pants.

Here is the link. Right below. Click it. Get your tickets! I SAY GET YOUR TICKETS!


PS- we have another monthly show coming up at Guilt and Co. on May 10th- get there early, there are a lot of people coming! It’s gonna be a big one!
PPS- read our blog often- expect to see entries from all members (Okay, maybe some of the boys won’t be doing entries, but I can at least try to force John to say hi once.) on various subjects and whatever is going on in our burlesque minds at the time! (Expect some randomness…)


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